Preg test after HCG and IUI?
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Dawnrains - September 4

I had my HCG shot, and IUI the next day. How long does the HCG shot have a positive result on a pregnancy test. I have 10 good follies and High sperm count from dh. Is the 2ww considered a good amount of time to wait, or will it give me a false positive?


Tracy88 - September 5

I asked the nurse this morning how long I should expect the HCG to stay in my system and she said about 11 days. Some sources say 6 or 7, and others say 10. I am 10 days past my HCG shot, just took a dollar tree test, and it seems it is pretty much out of my system because the test came up negative with the faintest of faint positives. I tested like 3 days after HCG and it came up bright positive. I think the doc's like you to try to wait the full 14 days though so you don't get a false positive and get excited. This was my first IUI, I was curious to see the HCG in my system. That's the only reason I even tested three days after the shot. Today I am 8dpo so too early to get a real positive PG test. Good luck. I hoped I helped some.


cspears99 - September 5

Hi Dawnrains, I actually tested to see how long the hcg shot stayed I took a test everyday and it stayed for 6 days after that I stayed negative, we did IUI's 3 times and are now taking a break trying to see if we can afford the next step IVF, good luck and I hope you see a BFP soon. Cheryl



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