Predictions from Cheri? Post them here please.
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wanthappychubbybabies25 - October 9

I emailed Cheri for a free reading and this is what she said: Jan-Boy, so either birth month, conceive month or the month I find out in.

I want other ladies to post their predictions here and update and let us know if her prediction turns out to be true.


Lucky717 - October 9

How long does it take to get a prediction back from her?


tibby - October 9

I paid for my prediction I didn't want to wait for the free one and she told me Sept. birth month, conceive month, or fing out in that month. And boy so am praying for a bfp by Dec.


Jillian - October 9

I had the free reading. She said November and a girl, so either birth month, conception month or month that I find out. Hopefully month that I find out, really need a BFP soon!!!


MollieJo - October 9

She told me a few months ago DEC-BOY for conceive, find out or give birth in. Some of the reading was believeable but some wasn't. She told me my meds were working (they're not, I have to keep increasing the progesterone) but the interesting thing is that my husband and I decided to look into adoption (we always wanted to adopt whether we had kids or not) and we found out we are probably going to be getting a 2yr old BOY this december...


kotkot005 - October 9

she e-mailed me bak April-Boy, Birth , Concieve or finding out. still struggling with the whole fertility issue.


JB0405 - October 9

Hello Ladies, there is another thread dedicated to Cheri's predictions... Cheri prediction are all welcome to check it out in addition to this thread! Good Luck to all TTC!


Lin - October 9

Come on, ladies, she makes her "predictions" sufficiently vague that there's a huge chance they could be right. Look at the odds of what the original poster said above. January boy, either the birth month conceive month or the month she finds out in. Just giving three different possibilities to choose from, out of 12 months of the year, gives her a 25% chance of being right on the month. That means that her likelihood of being correct on the month is actually higher than the likelihood of a person getting pregnant in any given month. Those are good odds for a random guess. Anyway, according to the three different "readings" I got from her last year, I was supposed to be pregnant 6-9 months ago and have a boy/girl.


Lin - October 9

You've also got to consider the fact that since the large majority of women get pregnant in their first six months trying that any guess in the next six months is going to have a substantially high chance of being correct anyway. It's statistics, ladies, not "psychic" abilities.


MollieJo - October 9

Lin, if you knew all this why did you get three readings last year?


slowpoke01 - October 9

LIN- this is the prediction that cheri gave to me. alot of the stuff she could not have known like i have freckles and that i have horses. i also have brown hair that has curl to it which i have to straighten most of the time also i wrote her from my sisters email address which she could not have known was me and she did i am adding that email on here too. she also said that the girl i will have will have hazel eyes..Hi there Here is the reading based on your daughter. The girl I am seeing would have to say that shes going to be petite.. would consider her full of energy, and you would be amazed at the type of energy she has for a "petite" girl. Would say that shes about 6lbs 13oz when she is born. Shes going to have light brown hair and I see you usually keeping it really long. Usually mid length and almost down to her bottom. I am seeing a slight curl to it, and she will have freckles go across her cheeks and nose. Shes very energetic, loves to jump, dance and sing. Likes to be more athlectic and you will find that she likes to join activities where she can be mobile while interacting with others, I see her wearing a costume, and its a "dance" costume and she is in a competition. Shes got a cowgirl hat on, and "dance" shoes along with the rest of the outfit. Shes got RED blush on her cheeks, I guess this is considered "stage" makeup. She is currently dancing with another girl. Thsi appears to be some form of Tap dancing. I see her with her hair in pig tails. Would also tell you that her hair is going to have a bit of curl to it. Shes got a beautiful voice, shes always very gentle with her words, not the type to get mad easily and has tons of patience. Would consider her to have a "Sunshine" personality. Always seeming to be a happy person, saying good things about other people and has a way that she encourages other people to better themselves without seeming pushy., Shes going to have a liking for horses, and also see her wanting to take gymnastics. Shes very good with balance, and usually chooses the balance beam or floor routine. In highschool joins with a few other girls and does "cheerleading" for fun. They love to make little cheers, do the stands and jumps and find it a great circle of friends to hang around. When it comes to career paths, would link your daughter to councilling, would tell you that she works with younger kids with behaviour needs, and helps them understand more as to whats happening and how to deal. Often helping them to obtain the social skills needed to be "normal". Shes very much involved with her clients, often going out of her way to see them through their tough times, and encouraging them to participate in outside activities. Kids are usually antisocial and showing a bit of depression. When it comes to marriage, I see your daughter being around the age of 23. They are going to have two boys of their own. Her husband has a good sense of humor, and a bit of a closet romantic. I see him with a lighter brown almost blonde hair color, usually quite stylish hair cut, and green colored eyes. Let me know if you have any questions Thanks Cheri On 7/26/06, Cheri22 < [email protected]> wrote: Hi Jamie Just wanting to let you know that I will have your prediction done for tomorrow morning. Today was a bit nuts for me and not able to get alot completed. I will provide you with your prediction based on your girl that relates to SEPT. Thanks Cheri

Hi there

I thought your name was Jamie?

I woudl also tell you SEPT and GIRL... so thats either birth month, concieve month or the month you find out in



slowpoke01 - October 9

this was not a vague prediction as you say that she gives she told me sept and a girl but she also told alot of other stuff too. and we just do this for fun. this gives us some hope when we have none. i dont take her words to heart but if she is right then i will get pregnant in dec. and i cant ttc again until dec because i had an ectopic pregnancy in aug/sept so they want me to wait 3 months to try again. so if i get pregnant in dec then i will have a baby in sept so that is pretty good statistics if you ask me since she didnt know anything about me and i asked her if i was ever going to have any kids and to describe them she also told me that she sees me having a boy after the girl and that i will get pregnant or have him 18 months later.


slowpoke01 - October 9

also tibby if you paid and you want more detailed reading then you can email h er back and ask for a more detailed reading and she will send it to you.


thayward7 - October 9

I think Slow is right. We are here to have fun and also it gives a little ray of hope - regardless of if the prediction comes true or not. I spend way more than 6$ for entertainment at the movies, so I think it is worth it. She gave me LOTS of detail too - I don't know if it will come true, but it was fun to read, and fun to feel hopeful again. Smiles and Babydust... T


wanthappychubbybabies25 - October 9

I am doing it for fun also, it will be interesting to see if she's accurate for the most part. I already have a son and me and DH want 2 more.


Lin - October 9

Mollie Jo - I asked her for predictions, because the average person does not believe statistics but experiences of others. So I decided to get her predictions, see how they worked out and report them. Every one of them was different, and every one of them was wrong. I didn't get them to prove anything to myself but to others. At any rate, you're right. That was a stupid thing to do, because nobody who wants to believe in psychics cares about the false readings anyway. They'll pick out anything that can possibly be remotely true to support it and disregard the rest. The only people who care about actual statistics are the people who understand them.


Lynn27 - October 9

She gave me April and a girl. She was right and my due date would have been April 8th! Now in "normal" people I would say lucky guess but this was after 32 months of ttc. She now says October and girl so we will see. It's all for fun and a little bit of hope.



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