Pre-seed, mucinex and clomid questions? Any answers?
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lola - January 17

I am beginning a cycle of clomid once AF arrives. I have pre-seed that I never used yet (due to not ovulating) and I have mucinex as well. But I am confused as to what you do with the preseed because there is A LOT in there, do you insert it up there and squeeze it all in??? And how often are you supposed to take the Mucinex and beginning when? This is all so confusing to me!!! I have never used any of this before and I am worried the clomid will dry me up. Anyone who has some adivce or insight I would love to hear any info.


try this - January 17

I used the whole preseed but read that many people dont like to use it all. I use some in me and then some on my ch's penis to make it easier for entry. I am the same with clomid as I am without believe it or not. The mucinex you start taking day 6 2tsp up to 3x/day until ovulation and then stop.Make sure its only active ingredient is guifeneson (sp?) and nothing else. I love preseed. Not pregnant yet but we'd never be able to bd without it I'm so dry.good luck.


Missy - January 17

I got pg in my first month trying the clomid, preseed, mucinex combo. I started in December 50mgs of clomid and started the mucinex the day after my last pill. I only took one pill although I have heard of many people taking 2x a day. we started bding 3 days after my last pill and got out bfp at 10dpo. oh, I only used 1/2 the tube of preseed. The whole thing was way too much for me. good luck


lola - January 20

to try this and Missy-Thanks so much. I am usually not "dry" ever, but since i've never been on clomid I don't know how it will affect me. Do you know which day to start opk's? I bought the First Response opk's and I have 7 of them. I am taking the clomid days 5-9. My doctor wasn't too specific about any of this. I am not being monitored really, just getting the day 21 blood work done to check for ovulation.


Tracy - January 20

Lola-I would start the OPK on day 10 to be safe. My doctoe initially told me to start on day 12, but I was paranoid and started on day 10, had LH surge on day 13. Good luck.


lola - January 20

Thanks much. I will do that to be safe. I can always buy more, right! Better safe than sorry.



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