pre seed lubricant
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neha - November 30

has anyone used peseed lube? is it really sperm friendly? any success stories with it?


neha - November 30

anyone?? plz?


to neha - November 30

Check the thread named where can I get pre seed. There is some really good feed back about it there. It is near the bottom of the forum page.


me - December 1

I know no one who has used it nor any success stories, but my RE did recommend it if I needed lube. He also recommended raw egg whites at room temp. Hope that helped.


to neha... - December 1

hi... today i went to see my doc and told her am usind preseed she said dont use it ,sperms wont go up.. i am so tensed as i used durig my ovulation time and i dont know whether i did was right or wrong... please do help me preseed makes u pregnant or not


neha - December 1

i have read many success stories. u can find some on this forum too. why did ur Dr say to stop using it? i already ordered it yesterday. i'll try to find out something more aboutthis. keep posted.


to neha/// - December 1

actually i went for my sonogram to see follicles as i am taking clomid .. i told her that because of clomidi am dry i am using preseed she said dont use any lubrcant as sperms wont go up but i used it before and during my ovulation.but i read + positive reviews about them may be my doctor is not aware of, neha also use plain robitussion it w'llmake ur cervical mucus thin as told by my doctor.


to neha/// - December 1

how long u been ttc, we r ttc 8 mths ... i hope preseed helps us


neha - December 1

hey do u get EWM every time? i don't get any. i am ttc for 6 months. i had a miscarriage in march 2005. i usually feel dry even when O, so ordered pre seed.keep posted.



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