Pre Seed
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nikki - May 6

If you have used preseed please post and let me know what you think of it.


DB - May 6

I have used it..I think it's a good lubricant. I am using it this cycle again...hoping it will help since I have some cm, but no ewcm.


soimpatient - May 6

I really like preseed. It is the best lubricant that I have used. I would use it even if I wasn't trying to conceive. The only bad thing is that it is pretty pricey...but definitely worth it!


isa - May 7

has anyone noticed preseed seems to have less in the tube than it used to ? I've used it for many months and this time the little viles seem to have a lot less in them than usual and I'm not so happy about that. I used to have enough for me inside and opening (sorry if tmi) and to put on dh before entry but I barely have enough for that now. What's going on ?



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