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Gina - October 11

A young woman who post here often needs our prayers. Amanda's mother Shirley is in the hospital and in a coma right now. (she usually posts in Waiting to start CLOMID this month...want to join? All your prayers are welcomed and are much needed. I wanted to post 1st that I will keep Shirley in my prayers. Thank You.


To Gina - October 11

I will keep her in my prayer's tonight.


Lizelle - October 11

Amanda- I pray for you and your Mom. Hope that everything will turn out for the best. God Bless.


Christy - October 11

Amanda, you and your mom are surrounded by prayers from me and the rest of us. Stay positive sweetie. ((((hugs))))


in NC - October 12

many prayers to Amanda and her mom!!!


Nans - October 12

I will pray for Shirley and Amanda...


in fairfax - October 12

i will pray for u Shirley &amanda. hope Shirley recover soon and be in good health


Sveya - October 12

Gina - Thanks for letting us know. I will be happy to keep Amanda, her mom, and her family in my prayers.


Nadine - October 13

Your in my thoughts.
And my prayers are with you!


KARA - October 20

Amanda, please know we are all here for you , and know that God is always by your side.


sheena - October 21

I will pray for her and her mother.All the time.


Kristie - October 23

They are both in my daily and nightly prayers. Keep us informed.


isa - October 23

Amanda I am sorry for what you are having to deal with and hope your mom is going to be ok. You and she are in my thoughts and prayers.


Amanda - October 24

I just wanted to say thank you to Gina and everyone in here for the kind thoughts, words, and prayers!!! She passed away on oct 13th . She was a very wonderful and amazing woman. she was 47 years old. my mother passed away very easily that morning . The doctor prescribed her something that caused her to stop breathing (which caused almost complete brain damage) and caused all of her other organs to stop working. (** not trying to scare anyone, but it is very important to make sure that you check into all medications before taking them **) Never know what you might get ahold of. go to and at this website you will be able to check out medications . Again thanks everyone for everything!!!!! She is in heaven now and one day we all will get to see her again. God bless everyone


Kristie - October 25

Amanda, I am sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you. The Lord is going to Bless you. Remember Matthew 18:19. Jesus said: If the 2 of you agree together down here on Earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in Heaven will do it for you. My Nana always gives me that verse when I am going through trying times. By the way I am pregnant and been trying for 12 years I have a 14 yr. old daughter I am 34 yrs. I have one ovary and tube. Was diagnosed with edometriosis 2 years ago and did not think I could get pregnant. One day I called Nana about a year ago and told her to pray that I wanted baby and of course she quoted the Matt. 18:19 to me. Much to my suprise I found out in Sept. that I am preg. I am 11 weeks this week. Know that you are in my prayers. Much Luck and God Bless.


Liz - October 31

Amanda, I am new to this thread but you have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved Mother. May the love of family and friends bring you peace and may Shirley in heaven be your guardian angel and make all your prayers dreams and hope become a realtiy . Many Blessings, Liz


Christy - November 1

Amanda, I am so sorry for your loss. Your mon is in heaven now and is not hurting anymore. She will continue to guide you through all of your happy and difficult times...just listen..she'll be there. Bless you and your family...((((hugs))))



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