Prayer of hope for all TTC
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Jaycee - June 28

I put my fears aside and put my trust in you,
You have a plan which is known only to you.
I will no longer worry and tear myself apart,
For I know that you know what is in my heart.

Help me God to let go of this burden,
That I have carried long and felt abandoned.
Give me strength to nurture hope and life,
Like you want me to without this strife.

Forgive me for times when I was angry with you,
I have so much to thank for what you have given me.
Today I feel blessed, I feel good and cured
Because I know you care, I know for sure.


faith2 - June 28

Nice prayer Jaycee. Keep the faith and it will come to past.


Jaycee - July 1

Thank you faith2 and everyone who liked it. For so many of us, TTC journey is long and painful. Its not easy to keep up the hope month after month. Just lets remember that we are doing best we can and outcome is not in our control,so do not punish yourself for something which is not your fault. "BABYDUST TO ALL"


lifequest - July 2

That is a beautiful prayer, I have pasted it on to many friends....thank you!
Keep the faith...
Good Luck....


Prisoner_of_Hope - July 6

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!


Mega - July 6

Thank you for posting this!



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