Pray for us please:)
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Amy - July 1

Hello. I have been on here for a few months now. I have been ready to start having another baby but my dh has not been ready. Well, I was thinking that I was pregnant and took a test yesterday. It came up negative and I guess my husband seen how upset I was. He told me last night that he was for sure ready. He even wanted to start trying last night. lol. He said he never realized how bad I was wanting another baby and that he prayed to God that if it was right to start trying to have a baby right now, to give him a sign. Well, the first thing he seen when he opened his eyes, was " family clinic" that was written on a card in the floor, with the #. He told me that if that was not a sign, he did not know what was. He believes that was a sign. So, we are now starting to try. I have started my new cycle today, and so, maybe it will not be long before I can announce to everyone that WE are going to have a baby!!! Please, everyone pray for us. I am praying every day and night. I just know that it will happen for us. I know that God will bless us soon. :) Take care everyone and baby dust to all. I will keep everyone here in my prayers! Good luck to all and God Bless!


39&tcc - July 1

Your hubby sounds sooooo sweet and considerate! Couples like you need to multiply, because it sounds like you both have a lot of love to share. I am praying that your family is extended, and soon. Please pray for me and my hubby too! I have a 20 year old, but my hubby has none. I am praying that my 39 year old system will be able to bless him with a baby - boy or girl - doesn't even matter. :)

***Baby Dust***


Amy - July 1

Thank you. You are in my prayers. For some reason, I do not believe that it will take very long. I just have a feeling. Anyhow, take care and baby dust!!!


Kelly - July 2

Amy, what a precious couple you two sound like :) I believe that was definately a sign from he Lord ,including seeing you cry and having so much compassion for you. I am praying for you right now!! 39&ttc, I am 37 and trying. I have a 17 year old, and my hubby has none too. Wow, lets all pray for each other :) Baby Blessings to you both!


Amy - July 2

Thank you Kelly. He is very sweet. I love him so much. What made it great also, with him wanting to start trying now, today is my birthday and let me tell you, that was a wonderful birthday present. The best so far. :) I am 22 now. We have a 3 year old son, but my dh is not his birth father. He is daddy though. We were talking to our son tonight asking him if he wanted a baby brother or sister. He said he wanted one baby brother and two baby sisters. I told him that either one baby brother or one baby sister. lol. He chose a baby sister. Which is kinda funny. I have the feeling that it will not take long and that when we do get pregnant that we are going to have a girl. Just a feeling i am having right now. Anyhow, baby dust to you both and anyone else who is trying. Take care and God bless!xoxo


Drew - July 2

Amy I agree with everyone else, you sound like a wonderfull couple! I know how much you wanted this and I'm soooo happy for you!!! Any little baby you may have will be so loved. You are in my prayers always!!
~~~Baby Dust!!!~~~



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