Practin High but Regular Periods
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renee rogers - June 17

My prolactin is high and I have been unable to become pregnant for over a year. I'm 39 (yeeks!). It seems that I'm ovulating, but very late and my LP is only 9-10 days. I just took my first dostinex and am looking for a cycle body to e-mail with? Anybody interested?


merlee - June 17

Hi. I also had a high prolactin of 28. My Dr. wanted me to take some perscription for the high prolactin but I didn't want the bad side effects - that's when i found progesterone cream. My LP was 12 days and I've tried Vitex for a while and now Ovulex for 3 mo. It has changed my LP to13 or 14 days. I just ordered FertilTea, it has vitex and raspberry both really great for LP or so I read. we've been ttc for 2 1/2 yrs. Tell me about the dostinex, I tried to find something about it on web but no real luck. How long do you take it and how high is your prolactin??


Renee - June 18

Hi!! My prolactin was 35 or so. I just started Prolactin on Wednesday (first pill). You take 1/2 pill twice weekly. Wow, 12 days seems like a good LP .. mine is averaging 9-10. I thought 12 was good??? Are you having regular periods? I am and I have biphasic temp charts so I was wondering after a year of trying why - so I guess my last shot is the Dostinex - I'm 39 ............ I only had slight side affects from the one pill so far, but I will update you. It is a very expensive medication!!! Talk to you soon!


merlee - June 18

Renee, did you have very tender breast due to the high prolactin? Mine were unbelievably tender. This month I ran out of the progesterone cream and all the symtoms were back (very painful breast, angry PMS, bad cramps). I'll never run out of prog cream again. I hope this works for you. Keep me posted.


Renee - June 20

Yes my breasts were very tender. I had regular periods though and I was ovulating but very late. My daughter is 4 and she always want to play rough with me - ends up kicking my boob -and OUUUUUUCHHHHHHH! Were you having periods? Were your breasts "leaking"?



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