power of prayer ladies
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tonyaandjoe - January 8

how has everyone been any news yet.


tonyaandjoe - January 9

keep praying ladies, where did everyone go.


thayward7 - January 9

I am still praying! I will test early next week (16th)... Smiles and Babydust.....T


ktcuppycake - January 10

Hi, I noticed the title of your question and wanted to invite you....

Feel free to come join this group on myspace. It's for Christian couples TTC while facing infertility.


compiling a lot of information that I've learned and posting it in the forums. Any information you have is welcome as well.

We will also be supportive of one another.


ktcuppycake - January 10

correction on the link....



nans_n - January 10

ktcuppycake, i've tried the link but it's not working..



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