Postive Signs?
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Pascale - October 6

Hi, I'm new to this message board and I know this may seem a REALLY silly question but is it possible to feel lower abdominal "discomfort" or a "pins and needles feeling" a day or two after ovulation if conception has occured? Oh Im just "wanting" and "waiting" like all of you, but sometimes the pain of waiting is all too much and its nice to feel positive, but maybe some mums out there can still answer the question. My husband thinks I'm a dill to be so uptight about conceiving. Its comforting to know I'm not the only one going through the agonsisng wait! I believe "baby dust to all" is the saying (I'll say it in my prayers every night to myself and each and every one of you!) x


Michelle - October 6

You're right, we all get a little crazy waiting. Mild cramping can be from ovulation or implantation. Let's hope the latter in your case! Thank you for your prayers; you have mine too. Baby dust!


K - October 6

Your mind can run away with you and make you think you have symptoms. I don't think very many people actually feel conception or implantation. Try to relax, I know it's hard.


M'Rita - October 7

Hi Pascale,
I know what u mean girl! While we were TTC, every pain meant something to me. I'm now 5w PG & cramps and definite pins & needles feeling were the only symptoms I had. I started cramping at 6-7 DPO and it got stronger, it's no on & off, so cramping is a good sign. Good luck * baby dust*
Love xxx Rita



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