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krissy2006 - January 4

Ok, so as most of you know I am pretty significantly overweight. I know in general they say if you are over or underweight this can affect ttc. However I also know that many people who are overweight don't ovulate and have severely irregular cycles. Is this how weight dictates problems for ttc? Or is there another way? Because I was thinking, if I have regular 24-25 day cycles and ovulate regularly every month (by charting I know this) then shouldn't I be able to conceive??? Is there something else I don't know about?? Ihave also read that when overweight your body produces more estrogen, but is this what stop the cycles / ovulation or does the extra estrogen have something completely different with having to do with difficulties ttc??? I have googled, yahooed and everything else to try to get info, but I can't find anything!!!! Anyone???


Tink - January 4

I don't have any answers- but i have posted on ivillage forum before and they have an 'overweight and TTC' board that might have some answers to help out. best of luck and baby dust to you!!


tonyaandjoe - January 4

i know that my sister in law is over 250 pounds and she is pregnant with her 3 child.


star_4_baby - January 6

my sister in law is over waight since she was a little girl.She is now 36 and a proud mother of anyhting is possible sometimes there is no explaination..i will say keep trying and go to a doc and discuss this in detail if you are really serious......GOOD LUCK


Mega - January 6

When you say you have regular 24, 25 day cycles, how long is your leutal phase? If it's too short that could be affecting your chances of getting pg. Since you're concerned, I'd recommend visiting your OB & saying you've been TTC & would like them to run some blood work on you. Check your lh, fsh, e2 levels, prolactin, etc...Having too much estrogen can negatively affect fertility, cycles etc. though to what extent I'm not 100% on. Also it would depend on how out of whack your estrogen & other hormones are. Anovulation & irreg cycles are 2 hallmarks of PCOS, which affects a decent amount of overweight women but can just easily affect women without weight issues too. With regular cycles, & a leautal phase (lp) of 12 to 14 days at least, you're probably okay but again it never hurts to get checked out. You could also ask your dr to schedule a progesterone test 7 days after your chart shows you O'ed, it's also called a day 21 test & varifies you definitely did O. Also, how long have you been trying? Each month a couple with no issues has approx. 20% of conceiving, so it can take a year with no issues. Scary, huh?! Also has your partner been checked out? Male issues aren't uncommon either unfortunately, but there are tons of good options out there that allow you to overcome male factor. I hope this helps! Hang in there. Good luck!


tonyaandjoe - January 8

what is leuatal phase (lp) mean?


lyric - January 8

LP- is you DPO (Days Past Ovulation) It starts at ovulation and ends the day b4 af. It usually lasts 14 days. luteal phase is named after the corpus luteum , a structure that grows on the surface of the ovary where a mature egg was released at ovulation. The corpus luteum produces progesterone in preparing the body for pregnancy. it also determines the time of ovulation within your menstrual cycle. Hope this helps


tonyaandjoe - January 9

lyric thanks, i knew about dpo but i didn't know that it was the same as (lp). thanks alot.



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