Post-pill amenorrhea
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ALONA - June 27

L- No my dr. only prescribed the prometrium pills. but to update everyone- still no period. I'm now day 15 post prog. I called the dr. today, i also heard that clomid might be the next step. we'll see. i'm also starting to get frustrated. all i hear is "you still have time, it'll come when it's ready." I don't want to wait, you never know if there is anothe underlying problem.


clementine - June 30

hi everyone - quick update. I'm on day 6/7 of a second round of provera to induce my period (the first didn't work). if this second round doesn't work,- Dr says I have to go back on pill, to get a period, then try clomid. imagine that: taking the pill to get pregnant. - anyway, last pill is tmrw...and i'll report back with results. 15 months now, no period, and when I search the internet, it is positively ALARMING how many women are in this same boat.
may I ask, do any of use use artifical sweetener? I know this sounds crazy but I use it alot and have always wondered if it has a bad effect such as this.


TS - June 30

Clemintine!!! Before you put all those unecessary hormones back into your body, try Progesterone cream!! I swear, use it for a month and when you stop your body recognizes the dramatic drop in Progesterone by may take more than one cycle for you, use a high dose of the topical Prog. cream!!!!


merlee - June 30

TS, you sound like you have used the prog. cream. How long have you used it and why did you. I have been using prog cream for 5 month now and it is great. No more PMS or cramps, best thing is no more sore bbs. I'm hoping it will help me to conceive, too. I'd love to hear your story.


clementine - July 23

hi - I will definitely look into this - thanks so much. My only concern is if Provera (esentially progesterone) didn't produce a period - why would the cream? but I'm so willing to try - I broke out horribly from all those hormones. It's been a month and I can still see bumps. I really don't like to take any artifical meds at all, So I will try the cream and keep you all posted. By the way - I had complete bloodwork done this week - everything... about 14 tests - and I'll let you all know what they found so perhaps someone else can benefit from the results.


Evelin - April 3

First time writing in this (or any) kind of forum, but it helps to know I am not the only one with this problem. I was on the Alesse for ~3 years, and actually stopped having periods the last few months while still on the pill. I got off a year ago, and still no period of my own. My doctor recommended HRT, consisting of estrogen and cyclic progesterone, which gave me very long and strong periods, starting at about day 9 of prog. and lasting ~10 days. I then went to another doctor with a more holistic approach, and he suggested 1) switching to prometrium for a month (since i was taking estrogen) and then 2) using the progesterone cream exclusively. Well, prometrium didn't work ( i guess my body needs the strong, synthetic stuff:), and the cream doesn't seem to be working either. Although It does give me constant cramps, suggesting that it is getting to some of the right places. I wonder about the statistics...average time to get back to normal, and how long should i wait before giving up trying to get the cycle back and going on Clomid?
Also, has anyone tried other things: herbs, specific food, chinese practit.?


twinsmom05 - April 4

my Dr prescribed me Provera to help me get my mens back after getting of the nuva ring and right before that being on Depo...we have 20 month old twins and had no probs conceiving them so I dont know why im having probs now LOL.have not filled the scrpt yet waiting on blood test to get back dr said she will be shocked if im preg but still told me to wait to start meds. Any Advise? I have no idea, never heard of provera ..without the depo in front of it


Apalonia - April 4

Hi Evelin,
Have you ever heard of PCOS? Is that a possibility in your case? My best friend never got a regualr AF after the pill and this is what they have diagnosed her with and every month of ttc she has to take provera or clomid. (The clomid only worked once and then she needed something stronger.)


Evelin - April 4

Hi Apalonia,
Yes i have heard of PCOS but i don't think this is what i have. I don't fit the profile and i have had ultrasound (and other tests) done...well, at least this is not the diagnosis from the two dr that i went to. Not sure what this is. My tests seem to show normal levels of all hormones, so i just hope my body will heal on its own. For anyone interested there was a study done (published in one of the medical journals), which showed that the average time to get back the periods for women who did HRT and for women who didn't do anything - was ~18months. One of the parameters that was strongly associated with the faster 'healing' was reduced stress (measured by thyroid level) (easier said than done:) and weight gain (just gaining a few pounds really increased the chance of getting better). ANyways, if anyone is interested in more details, i can find the original source.
HOpe it helps.


julesk - July 18

I stopped taking the pill 2 1/2 months ago after being on it for ten years. I haven't gotten a peroid yet, but i did have very sore breasts, cramping and dizzyness for 2 weeks, but now nothing. My concern is knowing when i'm going to ovulate or when i'm going to get my period, and if i do get pregnant but think think i still have 'post pill ammenorhea', then how do i know when to take the pregnancy test? Stop drinking coffee? A glass a wine/beer with dinner? Start taking the right vitamins? I never really thought that it would be so worrysome!


lisa mc - July 18

hi i stopped pill in dec/jan 07 and have only had three periods this year!! my last period being 30 may which lasted about 5 days. i had a blood test to check my hormones which are aparently fine. have any of you girls been tested for pcos? apparently the pill puts it on hold and when u come off pill it develops. i am getting tested for it after they test to see if i am pregnant(which i know am not).


RRed - September 17

Hi all, this is my first time on something like this. I went off the pill in March, got my period in April and May, regularly. But I haven't had it since. I've taken multiple test from my Dr and he says what a few of you have heard..."it will come"..."sometimes it takes awhile". This has to be THE most frustrating time. I'm going to see my Dr in a couple weeks...does anybody have any good questions I should ask??


Snorkmaiden - December 2

Hi, I am expereinceing teh same problems I havent had a period since stopping the pill at end of March 08. I had never been told this caould happen unitl it did. I am married and trying to get pregnant and it very furstarting and depressing. Hav ehad blood tests at doctors and been told my fsh and lsh levelas are normal! if they are why isnt my body working normally. I had regular periods before taking the pill but i have been on it 8 years. Doctors wont offer me anymore help until it has been a year. Does anyone have any good new i.e they are back to normal after post-pill amenorrhea naturally without having to take clomid, etc. Thanks


summer1717 - December 15

Glad to have found this site and hear that this actually happens to other people too. I have not had my period since stopping the pill in June 08. I also tried Provera 2 months ago and still nothing. The doctor mentioned that i may have to go back on the pill for a bit. Has anyone had any luck with going back on the pill? and how long did it take. This is so frustrating.


Relena - October 6

Hello, first time poster here and I have to say it's reassuring that I'm not the only one with this problem. I was taking Ortho-Novum from 2007 to 2010 to control my painful and frequent periods (2-6 weeks in between). It was halfway through 2009 when my periods became less and less regular until there was nothing. I tried talking to a doctor who told me "it's perfectly normal" but, after several more months and negative pregnancy tests each time I went to the doctor, I finally stopped taking the pill in hopes that my periods would return. I finally got a very light period December 2011 but then proceeded to have periods every 2-4 months. I'm (hopefully) coming up on the next one but I have little hope. Doctors ignore me, insist that I'm pregnant, and then turn around and claim I just have to give it time. I'm so angry about it! I would love to have my frequent periods again! I would have never gone on the pill had I know this would happen!
I see some of you are using a cream, I would like to try that, but I was wondering if there are any holistic remedies that you ladies would suggest?



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