post ovulation pink cm
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hoping - September 5

I hate to be so graphic in the post title but there you go! With no bd since 2dpo, my cm was pink streaked on 3dpo, 6 dpo, 9 dpo, 10 dpo, and now 11 dpo (today, cd25). Yesterday and today were a little more pink. I only find it on tissue in the morning except yesterday was a little in the PM. In a typical month I get just enough to need a liner on cd25 and 26, nothing on cd27, and 6 or 7 days of AF the day after that. OPK detects surge but who knows if I'm ovulating. On Prometrium orally 200mg per day cd 16-28 - it happens with or without the prometrium. Does anyone have anything similar going on? I had no problems with my first 2 kids (VERY fertile) but my cycle wasn't like this before.


andy - September 11

could be implantation bleeding I had very pink cm on cd 23 to cd26 ... maybe you are pg !!!! tested yet??? Baby Dust!!!



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