Post IVF - Want to take Home Test.
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TMR - April 3

I had my transfer on 3/30. I go for my Beta on 4/8. I want to cheat & take a home test. When should I take it or should I not torture myself?


Tink - April 3

if you did a trigger shot, it takes about 10 days for it to leave your system. if you take one before that, you might be a false positive. i waited and tested 2 days before my beta. i got my positive at home then. then i tested again the day before to confirm. i would wait as long as you can. if you feel like you have to test- i would wait and just test the day before the beta, otherwise, you are just torturing yourself trying to analyze if you see a line, how dark it is etc.....i know it was torture for me. but then again, i wanted to be prepared. so i would wait and not take one until friday if i was you- or saturday.



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