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Sue - July 25

Hi everyone, I'm new to this board and I've read a lot of your postings. I'm in the same boat with a lot of you. I have secondary infertility only because my OB/GYN wasn't concerned about my age and my husband thinking every women can have a baby in their late 30's and even 40. I started to believe it myself and I knew better. I'm 38. I have a son who just turned 4 last week. It was a feat getting him here because I have an immunity disorder ANA and had 2 miscarriages before him. I slightly failed the CCCT back in March. E2 was 90 and FSH 13. I've been on one cycle of injectable fertility drugs and my AF came 12 days after my IUI. I had 4-6 mature follies and I'm so fustrated to think that not one was good. I'm trying to stay positive, but the tears get in the way sometimes. My RE will let women do 4 cycles and then they figure that after 4 failed trys you're not going to get pregnant. My RE said that she has seen women get pregnant with worse CCCT results than mine so I try to keep that in mind. My next try is Sept. and I will get my Lurpon shot in 2 weeks, after I ovulate. The more I read about all of you getting pregnant the more hope I will have. Lots of baby dust to sprinkle on those eggs.


kefy - July 25

im realy sorry bout that, well i dont have a solution to that but ol i can say is be strong girl, and gods tym is the best so u need not lose hope, well im young 22 and ive been ttc for 4 months but its to no avail and i juss keep telling myself that i can do it, i can do, good luck and lots of baby dust too


Ashley - July 25

Hi Sue- I know exactly how you are feeling. We have several things in common. I have thryoid disease and my RE believes that I have an autoimmune disease that is attacking my ovaries and thyroid. Fortunately, I have a little boy who will be three in September. He is certainly a blessing! I also have a FSH level that was as high as 13.8 and I had surgery in March for endometriosis. Evidently, I was in stage 3 and did not even know it! So, I have several things going against me. I have had 3 failed IUIs and the last IUI, we had 4 plus good size follicles and I felt the same way you did. It is very frustrating! We took a month off because by husband is traveling and I needed a break from the drugs. They really put me in a bad mood! We have decided to try IUI one more month as my RE believes that 3 to 4 cycles of IUI is sufficient. The next step is in-vitro for us. We are praying through it right now. We are also looking into adoption. Best wishes to you! I will be praying for you. God has a plan for your little family:-)



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