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Lorem - September 23

Hi Ladies -

Last month I took Menopur and a HCG trigger and IUI for the first time. I got four great-looking follicles but didn't get pregnant.

[Note: Sorry that this is in the 'Problems getting pregnant' category but since this includes fertility drugs it seemed like the best place. I'm 35 and have had three pregnancies naturally and with Clomid but no live births, and my RE suggested the Menopur to ensure 'stronger' eggs. I also use progesterone during the LP. ]

I went to the doctor when I got my period and was all gung-ho to start Menopur again. Turns out I had four cysts, which the RE said wasn't unusual; when you take the drugs sometimes, they told me, the follicles won't reabsorb very easily as with nonmedicated ovulation. They put me on the Pill to help clear up the cysts. Needless to say, my husband and I were very disappointed!

I have been on the Pill for one week now and only stopped spotting yesterday. I've been having ovarian-area cramps for several days and my breasts are tender AGAIN (after briefly going down). My RE again said this isn't unusual, but it's creating havoc for me physically and emotionally. After all we've been through I considered quitting yesterday. I've read about OHSS but I'm not throwing up or in horrible pain - just really down in the dumps.

Anyone have any similar stories? How long did it last for you? Thanks so much...


baby1234 - September 24

I undergo my 3rd IUI tomorrow and Monday, so I totally feel your pain. I had 4 follies at the first IUI and 5 at the 2nd. I was so positive that my time would finally arrive. Needless to say, I got two BFNs. I ended up with two cysts after the first IUI, also, and had to sit a month out of the TTC game. (I was so devastated.) The second cycle was cyst free. For this cycle, I have 6 follies (hopefully 5 will be mature, but no less than 3). All I can say is that the worst time is right when AF arrives. As you get closer to the next IUI, it is nearly impossible not to get a little excited that this might be the time. Know that you are not alone. This site is so great for support! We are here for you. Hang in there...and good luck. Our BFPs will come!


Lorem - September 24

Thanks - I've looked and looked and have found very little about these cysts despite the supposed seventy percent. I'm glad I'm not crazy! Yes, we were extremely disappointed and just want these stupid-annoying-unnecessary things to clear up.



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