post coitel test please help!!
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kim - December 20

I just finished mu first round of clomid and went to the doctor on day ten. (Yesterday) My doctor did the post coitel test, where he tested my mucus to see if my husbands sperm was O.K. he concluded that he did not even see my husbands sperm in my mucus even though we had sex that morning. This is my question was day 10 to early? The doctor even said that I did not have a lot of mucus. Has anyone had this test and got a negative result but ended up pregnant? My husband has an appoitment in February to get his sperm tested, but really don't believe his sperm is the issue. Please help!!!!!! I need encourgment.


bump - December 20



bump - December 20



medi12 - December 20

Ok--- can you confirm that you ovulate around day 10? Typically its day 14. I dont know your cycle, but I think that was too early..

Also-- since I cant remember -- istn the post coital test supposed to show if you have hostile CM or not?


trying for #3 - December 20

Basically from allthe information I am reading on the internet, ovulating on day 14 is a myth, hence the reason why some women that use that method to avoid pregnancy, ends up pregnant and some women that use it for pregnancy don't get preggo because they either missed the day, because they are thinking it is ONLY day 14, every woman's body is different, I was looking at some charts on fertility friend and some women ovulate as early as day 9 some as late as day 60, so please don't go by the CD 14, it is only a myth, our bodies are all different for example my cd 11 and 12 was on the weekend and I experience the EWCM, and this is the first time ever for me, so I absolutely think that I ovulating because now it is gone, so we will see best of success to you Kim, keep us posted


trying for #3 - December 20

forgot to mention I got 2 kids, first one no prob, then it took me 8 years to have the baby, and I conceive with her having PCOS and messed up tubes and didn't use any thing, so any thing is possible, if God say , BE" then it will,we really can rely too much on doctors, they do not know every thing. so keep strong and keep positive


medi12 - December 20

I hear ya --- I am a member of fertlity friend ... funny. I mentioned that because it doesnt look like Kim can determine O date. I ovulate day 13-15 , so I fall right on that timeframe. But I have a friend that ovulates on day 17. We are all different, but at least tahts a place to start.


kim - December 21

thank you for responses! I will keep you posted


Casey - December 21

I had gone through the same phase, abnormal post-coital test.Doctor told me that she did not see any sperm,even though we had sex in the morning, and asked my husband to go for sperm analysis, he had gone, we got the same result, no sperm, Don't know what to do , anybody gone through the same thing and became preg. pl.. help me , I want to conceive naturally,


to casey/ kim - December 21

I dont have a lot of info on it ---- but if your sperm count is low, there are herbs and vitamins that you can take to increase the count. The only other option I am aware of is IVF.


dea - December 21

To CASEY and KIM. My DH has a low count. IUI is an option before IVF (esp. if the problem is sperm related, eggs/tubes are fine). Casey- I would like to conceive naturally too- but I'll take anything at this point (18 months and counting). To boost sperm counts, I've heard..... 1000mg of Vitamin C and 100mg zinc each day. DH is going that route right now. Also- DH avoid's caffine. Have you guys had any other tests done?? HSG, hormone, etc... do you chart or use opk's?? Hope some of this helps! ~~DUST~~


Casey - December 22

Thanks, KIm and Dea for replying me, My DH has gone through all the tests, the only option doctor says is to go for IVF(ICIS), but me and husband are afraid, Does anybody's DH has used the herbal medicines to increase the sperm count and were successful, as my DH is afraid as TESE(for ICIS) might damage his testicles later. I am trying for my second preg, first time there was no problem at all, I conceived in one month only, God please help me this time to conceive naturally..... Anybody pl. advice me regarding herbal medicines...


Chas - February 5

Casey, you said you got pg once, was it by your husband now? You also said the SA had no sperm in it at all ?? Or is it just low?



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