post coital tests what should i expect?
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al - August 29

I have to go in for a post coital this month and i'm not sure what to expect. When do they do it..any info would be greatful. How long does it take to get results back?


merlee - August 29

You should call your doctor's office for info. Each office can be slightly different. There is a time factor that is important. You should not use any lubracant. My doc showed me the results (live, motile sperm) on a screen in the office as soon as the exam was over. The hardest part is not being embarrassed.


Kelly - August 30

Hi al- I had the post coital test done a few month back. It's nothing. My procedure was quick. They used a syringe and took out what my Husband had put in (if you get my drift). They check to make sure you're not killing off the sperm. There was no pain involved whatsoever! Good luck!


al - August 30

thanx gals, i am scheduled to go in a couple days and had absolutely no idea what to expect.


al - August 31

ive been reading time factors on the net for this test range from 4 hours post sex to 10 hours post. I was just told by the clinic to have sex late the night before i go in for an 8am appt. now i'm concerned they dont have a time frame and it could jeaopardize the test.Some sites said no more than 6 hours after, some said no more than 8 and the longest frame i found was no more than 10. what frame were you merlee and kelly given?


merlee - September 1

I was instructed like you, BD at night and show up by 8 am for PCT. I was also concerned about the time frame, but followed doctor's orders. The doctor showed me the "results" on the screen (computer screen hooked up to a microscope). He asked if I was surprised that there were still that many swimming around. The test is just to make sure that you are not killing the little guys. I guess if you have never seen live sperm before, it can be impressive. DH might want to see it, too.


isa - September 1

i had mine done this morning and will get results saturday as doc is off tomorrw. Normally i could have gotten them today i think but the lab was in the middle of a procedure and they were going to test it later. She said they had a process for saving it i just hope it doesnt compromise the quality of it. Mine was done day after ovulation (day 14 for me).



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