Possiblity of Never Conceiving
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bluemorningglory86 - April 11

I was wondering if anyone or your dh has ever been told by a doctor that you or he could not make a baby, and you still turned out pregnant? It is possible that my dh may not be able to get me pregnant. My dh's testicles did not come down when he was born. At about age 12, he had surgery to get them down, but they were only able to get one of them down. He has been told by doctors that his chances are fathering children are extremely low. So I am very worried because being a mother is my #1 goal in life.


jg - April 11

My dh and I were told we would never conceive on our own - that it was medically impossible. We did five IVF's, then fell pregnant naturally and now have a 20-month old son. Perhaps they could extract sperm from your husband surgically, and try to conceive that way? GOOD LUCK!!


Tink - April 11

i agree with JG, there are procedures to physically extract the sperm. there are many men with a condition where they don't ejaculate and the doc can go in directly to get the sperm out surgically. it can be done and has worked, so i would definitely explore your options more fully and get second opinions before letting anyone tell you no way. if it is your #1 goal, don't let anything stop you. see a fertility specialist if you haven't and i am sure they have lots of options for you. good luck,


K - April 12

If being a mother is your #1 goal in life, if your DH can't have children, although you think you might never consider using a donor, I would recommend that you read the book "Helping the Stork", before making that decision. Sometimes ICSI can be done, which is what the surgical procedure the others are talking about is called. Basically they do a biopsy on your husband to look for and extract sperm and if they find enough that are mature and useful, you can do IVF. Has your dh had a sperm analysis? If he does have sperm that are mature present, then you have a good chance that this would work. If there are enough mature sperm, you might even be able to get pregnant naturally or they may be able to do IUIs, or if not that then IVF without him having to do ICSI. The problem you will have is if he does not have any mature sperm. In that case, ICSI may not work. They have to be able to find mature sperm through the biopsy before they can do IVF. If your husband's problem created a condition where his sperm never mature in his testicles, then they won't be able to find any that will work even through the ICSI surgery. Also, if his problem is genetic, there is also a risk with ICSI that the problem could be passed on if you had a boy. If ICSI turns out not to be an option for you and you did decide to use a donor, you would be amazed at all the options and resources - you can get vocal clips, baby pictures, staff impressions; match your husbands hair, eye color, and weight etc. Assuming you are in the USA, there are several large banks and you can utilize one far away from where you live if it makes you more comfortable to know that the donor lives far away and is not regularly used in your area. The baby would still be yours, and your husband would be listed on the birth certificate and could be a part of everything from the beginning. It's a situation nobody ever anticipates they will wind up in, but it can work. Your husband has been prepared for the fact that he might not father children naturally for a long time, so if he wants to be a father, I can't imagine that he wouldn't love and adore your child no matter what. After all, he loves you and the child is a part of you. You don't have to give up your dream.


etaylor - April 12

Thanks so much jg, Tink, and K for your answers. They were very very encouraging and gave me hope. However, we will probably wait about 2 years before we try IVF's. But if it comes down to it, we will probably try it. We are newlyweds and want to see what happens first (I am hoping for a miracle.) I just turned 21 so I have a little while to wait. But is there anyone on this forum that has a dh with the same problem as mine??


lovemy3 - April 13

Never give up hope. Expore all possibilities. I believe with God anything is possible.


vistagirl81 - April 16

when my father was in the military he was a paratroper and the strings wraped around his testicles... they said that he would never have any kids, that they were damaged so much that they stoped producint live sperm.... he was about 20...... he had his first child at 24... and now he has 5 of us:Phe only had girls though :P



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