Possible to have +OPK but no temp changes?
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Sidney - June 16

Hi Everyone-

This is my first month off birth control- I've been temping and using Ovulation Predictor Kits. I'm not too concerned about getting pregnant this month- I just want to know if I'm ovulating.

I've add four days of + ovulation tests, but no change in temperature.

Am I ovulating? I know some women don't register that much of a temperature change....



rach - June 16

its not likely u will b preg this month i have been off birth control for 1 year and been trying for that year and nothing but u maybe different, its a bit weird aswell coz im 18. well im due to ovulate this weekend i think tho


Sidney - June 16

I don't want to get pregnant this month-I want to have a regular period first.

But I want to know that I'm ovulating. I just don't understand why the OPK is + but my temps don't show a difference?


chrissy - June 16

You might not be ovulating. It takes awhile for your body to get back to normal. I have been off of BC for about four months now & nothing. I hope you have better luck then i did.


TS - June 16

Are you using an OPK that detects your LH Surge??? It seems highly irregular that your LH would surge for more than one day! It sounds like your hormones may be out of wack. It can be a long road to ovulation after the pill, so sorry!! I am 21/2 years off the pill....still just trying to have regular periods and ovulate!!


Sidney - June 16

Well, I also had some spotting the day that the OPK line was + and the darkest. And I've been having mild cramping, but it's more like an ache than regular cramps.

Do some women just not have temperature changes?



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