Possible False Negative
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want2testnow - April 11

I was wondering if anyone had a blood pregnancy test done, and it was negative and you were actually pregnant..??

Here's the story: *Today is Cycle Day 45, and no period.*
--Last AF was February 25th, before that January 15th (40 days in between)
--I had the blood test done Friday, the 7th, and found out it was negative today.
--My doctor's office only ordered the yes/no test, so I don't know the level of hcg it could have detected.
--My boobs look bigger, I've had some slight headaches, cravings for chocolate (usually it's salty foods b4 AF), very moody, and gassy. --
--I've taken so many HPT's (Baby Test from Dollar General, Answer, saveontests.com, Fact Plus, First Response) all were negative.

A nurse at my doctor's office suggeset that a week from today, if I havne't had a period, to call and make an appointment to talk about it. That would be about 52 days with no period. I've posted this in other forums, and some women have suggested that it may be too early to detect hcg.... it's been 45 days since my last period! I think that is enough time for ovulation to occur, and implantation, and enough time for hcg to build up. I'm so frustrated and worried.

Do you think I could be pregnant, or what is going on?


isa - April 11

Last year I had a few cysts and didnt ovulate until cd29. I used opk's cd 10-19 and it got too expensive so only did temps after that and I o'd on cd29. I didnt get pg because dh was sick when I was o'ing but you may have and if you ovulated really late like that it may not be enough time to build up enough hcg to test on a stick (they usually measure 20 at the earliest level). By next week if you havent got af I would ask for a quantitative hcg test and see what it says. It may just be a very late ovulatation pushing everything longer. It is still possible to be pregnant but you also may not have ovulated at all this month of which your doctor will have to start doing some tests to see what is happening. best of luck to you.


Nikki - April 11

I am on CD 44 and only 12 DPO - so assuming your cycle is equally long or longer, you could easily be pregnant and not have enough hcg to detect yet.
Your cycles sound irregular, so if I were you, and if you don't get your BFP this time, you should start charting your temps - it really helps a lot. Then you'll know when to bd (after a cycle or two) and you'll know when to test. Good luck!


want2testnow - April 11

2-3 years ago my periods were 31-34 days apart, then I was pregnant gave birth in May, starting the BC patch late June till mid October maybe, and have had periods in November, Dec, Jan 15th, and Feb 25th. (didn't keep track before, sorry for lack of info). right after I stopped BC my periods were (a guess) 30-35 days apart. Had to pee too bad this morning to grab a cup and a test. :( Today is 46 days no period


Galina - April 11

Isa, my question is for you: Did the cysts actually make your cycle longer? I have a few follicular cysts left over from a failed IUI due to over-stim. I use a fert monitor and am on cd14 w/a low reading still. So, from what you wrote, it seems as though the cysts can actually affect your Ovulation time? Thank you for your response and I am sorry to ask a question that is not the topic of this thread.


want2testnow - April 12

Well, today is day 47 and no period. No warnings of her either: salt cravings, cramps. Calling tomorrow to make my appointment for sometime next week hopefully. And if she shows, I still might go and atleast talk. We really want this to be a pregnancy.


Galina - April 12

Maybe you should take a HPT??


want2testnow - April 12

I have been. Yesterday was negative...every test, one a day, has been negative.


Galina - April 13

Maybe you should go see your dr, get another beta (pg test) and if it's negative, maybe the dr can give you Provera to induce af?


want2testnow - April 15

50 days no period now. Haven't tested in a couple days (ran out of tests and dont feel like buying them). I'm worried that it's not pregnancy and something is wrong


isa - April 16

50 days is not normal to still test neg if you were pregnant so chances are something else is up.I would go to doctor and get a check up and ask for a quantitative hcg beta to absolutely rule out that you are or are not pregnant and then if negative he can give you meds to start af. Good luck.



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