positive opks - temps go down?
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curious - October 11

has anyone had there temps not only not rise for ovulation but actually go lower?


bump - October 13



maddie - October 13

This is happening to me now, not sure what to think. Maybe colder weather?


me - October 13

some people get a one day dip in temp right before they ovulate. If you actually ovulate, it should go back up within a day or two and stay up until your next period. Good luck!


curious - October 13

that is the problem, my temp never went up and has consistently stayed lower than the first part of my cycle. does clomid raise your temperature?


Justine - October 13

i'm not sure what effect clomid has so i can't help you there. but a temp rise after the ovulation dip is a sign that ovulation has occured so if you haven't got that and you were testing at the same time each day, it may be that you didn't ovulate this month. do you use opks as they can detect the lh surge which shows that ovulation is likely to happen in the next 12-36 hours. hope this helps a little, good luck to you.


curous - October 13

thanks for the response. i have been using opks religiously all month long. i had positive tests (very dark) on days 15, 22 and now today on day 30. yeah three positives with no temp shift. i am beyond confused. i am glad i made an appt with a fertility specialist!


helpful insight - October 14

On opk instructions there is a part that says certain conditions such as pcos can throw your opk results off. I don't know how your cycles are or anything, but it would be very hard to ovulate and not have the temp shift - unless the way you take your temp is off (ie - amount of sleep prior, same time each day, etc.) I am glad to see that you wrote you are going to a specialist. Hopefully they can shed some light onto your matter. I have been ttc for over a year. When I started charting my temps were all over the place. I never say the biphasic pattern that showed I ovulated. After many months of frustration I was diagnosed with pcos. I don't want to worry you by telling you this, just thought I would share it with you so that maybe it might give you a little insight into what maybe going on. The best person to talk to is the doctor. Good luck and god bless! :)


curious - October 14

thanks - i talked to my doctor today and he really discouraged me taking my temps - he said they are very unreliable and he has found his patients depend on them too much. he of course had no explanation for the weird opks and all of the negatives in between them. he suggested the specialist too.


curious - October 15

had my third positive opk on day 30 which also coincided with another temp dip and now i've had two days of higher temps. one more day and i think i can say i finally ovulated!


Kerri - October 17

I have PCOS and I didn't O until cd30 on the cycle we got pregnant on---now I'm 7 weeks. So it can happen with late ovulation....hang in there and hopefully you did O.


to curious - October 17

I have PCOS too and never got an OPK that was positive. Usually if you have PCOS the LH in your body is constantly on, so it is weird that I never got it. The only sure way to tell if you ovulated is by the blood work done at your RE office. My RE didn't even look at my 6 charts I have been temping. He said good for you for doing that, but I don't need them :) Just goes to show you that you can't rely on what you hear from others or the internet, only your dr. I had my first RE appt last monday. good luck!


curious - October 19

thanks. only two more weeks until my specialist appt and i can't wait! i look forward to someone actually looking into all of the things i keep telling them. my temps have stayed up so i am pretty sure i did O cd30.


just do it :) - October 19

when in doubt bd every other night through your cycle so it wont matter what your opk says.


curious - October 20

we have tried that but honestly the stress that puts on the both of us really doesn't seem worth it. it sounds like a good plan until a year has gone by and sex becomes your life. i think possibly the stress has actually contributed to my irregular cycles.


bump - October 20




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