positive OPK 2 days in a row?
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JHE - October 13

does this happen sometimes or is something wrong, like maybe a false positive??


Kristi - October 13

Well, I will not be much help but will be interested to see what other people may say. I also had two positive OPK 2 days in a row and I am keeping my temp every morn and had a .5 spike and .4 spike two days in a row as well... hope someone out there knows something about this.... good luck and baby dust to you!


JHE - October 13

anyone know anything about this?


Anna - October 13

It might be because you caught the LH surge right at the beginning and then sometime in the middle or maybe towards the end. When I O'ed, I had one definate ++ one and the next one was dark, but not quite as dark as the first. Keep an eye on the following ones and see if they are much lighter. If so, then that was most likely your +++ ones. Good luck!


Nans - October 13

Some had experience having +OPK several days in a row and they found out they pg...


Ericka - October 14

I always get 3 straight days of + opks. On the 4th day my temps go up. Most opk's say they come up positive 12-24 hrs before you O so if you caught the beginning of your surge then it makes sense that it was + for 2 days. It can also be that some opk's are more sensitive than others and can register a lower amount of LH. Make sure you bd when you get the +'s even if it is more than one.



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