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Melanie - June 18

My friend who had one "surprise" child then ttc for 4 years told me that her recent success was due to the position - "Doggy Style", and she has passed her secret on to anyone who asks. It worked for us (twice) and for two others that I know of. Thought I would share.


Neuza - June 18

Hi Melanie, thanks for the information & my doctor told me as well to use that position...therefore i will let u know if we had any success.


Terrie - July 28

It worked for me too and I am 7 months pregnant!!


linds99 - July 28

I hate doggie style cuz it hurts, but heck, if you gals say it works, I'm going to be advocating that one for my August cycle. Lucky my husband loves that (his part in this whole ordeal of TTC is so easy and painless, it is I who has to suffer through doctor visits, vaginal exams, IUIs, shots, clomid, temping, OPKs, phone call waiting, getting periods, cramps, PMS & then eventually if I am lucky I get to go through fun child brith) it just sucks and I am complaining about everything today.


NB - July 28

I guess I can be willing to try that as well. We have tried before, but as <LINDS99> said, it is not the most comfortable,and to me, seems to be pretty difficult! DH will be happy though. We have tried before, but cannot seem to get the "right angle"... hee hee!


diem - July 28

I think that "doggie style" allows the sperm to get in further (closer to the cervix). Good luck to all!!!


wannabeamom - July 29

You can do doggie style or missionary. The latter is more comfortable for me. I refuse to hurt while BDing. GL ladies!



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