poor sperm count, all other things normal, one failed iui..
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ap - July 5

i am married for three eyars and have been trying to conceive for last 19 months....a visit to docs last year around july confirmed that my husband's sperm count was less than normal....he is such a sweetheart and i love him totally......he was on medication for some time and again tested and there was no improvement.....finally doc checked my ovulation and said since i was totally normal, we cud go for iui...we went for iui during my April May cycle and it failed...after that last month, my periods were late by 8 days and i felt totally pregs...but that was not to be...am very low and sad.....Can anyone tell me if IUI works in low sperm counts as low as 1.5 millions/ml?.....


Justine - July 5

It's very rare for IUI to work with a sperm count that low - you normally need to do IVF with ICSI. It's the same as IVF but sperm are injected into the eggs. My clinic would never do IUI with a count that low - only IVF with ICSI. I did this due to male subfertility and it worked first-time - it is very expensive though. Good luck.


Lena - July 6

5 million motile sperm is considered the minimal number necessary for pregnancy by IUI.


cheri - July 12

my husband had a count of 6 million sperm and my doctor said it would be a waste of our time and money to do a iui because after the sperm is washed you need 5 million and we wouldn't have enough and she told us our best option was to go straight to ivf with icsi so we did and i am 24 weeks pregnant from the first try, because the problem was not me we had a higher chance of success



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