Poor Response to IVF Drugs??? Need Advice!
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Blakey - July 19

OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY TRYING!!!!!!! WHEWHOO!!! sooooo excited for you!!!
I couln't bleive it when I read your post, I just said out loud...WOW, omigod!!! That is awesome news.!!!!! so, so, ecited for you! ishing you a wondeful, happy 9 months!!!! yes, we put ourselves through so much, we are so strong...but look at the wonderful gift at the end of it all!!! thinking of you sweetie, sending you big congrats hugs!


trying4pg - July 19

Hi again ladies....thank you so much for your kind words....I absolutely could NOT have done this without your support (that kind of sounds like an Oscar speech...but I am so sincere). I am still crampy, but I guess that is fairly normal. I only did an HPT, because my b/w is scheduled for next Tuesday. I don't think any of my hormones would still affect my test because I triggered 14 days ago....am I correct? I am wishing the best for both of you. Blakey....I am so happy you are going in so soon....that is only like 2 1/2 weeks away....that is AMAZING (it took me forever). What did you think about the acupuncture stuff I said. The worst part of the surgery for me was being starving the next day....so make sure you have lots of food around. Christina.....I am hoping that you are pleasantly suprised with your results....I hope and pray you get your bfp. Lots of love ladies....and thanks again.


Blakey - July 20

Good Morning girls~
Trying .....how are you doing little mama? :o) Still thinking of you, and just so happy, and excited for you!!! It will be a great day on Tuesday when you go for your beta, and get the official confirmation, and here what your numbers are!!!! :) So very exciting!!! thanks for the input regarding acupuncture. you know, I have heard so many women, including yourself, who have done it. I have never done it, thought abvout it, but never pursued. so you think it would really help?? I should look into it now...I don't even know where to start...I guess go on line, and ck it out, also, my clinic might even have referrals etc....thank you...I will let you know what I find out. As far as having the hysterscopy apt.- I was so thankful I got in in a few weeks. My RE wanted to get me scheduled quickly before my period, because for the past 3 months having "no" AF, but experiencing the terrible pains in my abdomen, from the obstruction, every month it brings me down so much (my immune system) from fighting these terrible pains, and she didn't want me to have to go through that episode again, next month, so the sooner the surgery the better. I love that she was thinking of me in that regard, I feel thankful to have her as my RE.
Hey Christina- how are you doing hon? Hope your hanging in there!! when do you go for your HCG test? still thinking positive for you...and hoping for good news. Take care ladies, and happy Friday!! we are going to the red sox game tonight, (hope it doesn't rain) I am from Boston. Take care ...sending you both hugs- and love :o)


Christina97 - July 20

Hey girls! Well, I have had quite a morning and don't know what to think...I was so fed up this morning that I took another HPT (Answer brand) and got in the shower, where I literally talked myself into stopping my meds tomorrow to just let the inevitable AF come because I am still lightly spotting (no cramps though). Got out of the shower and went to throw the stick away and there was a faint line. Not an evap and my eyes weren't playing tricks on me either! I didn't take another one but I am going to try another brand at lunch and test over the weekend. I am 15 days past fertilization and 10 past my transfer. My last injectible was Ovidrel and I took that on July 5th...my BFN on Monday proved it was out of my system. When I did my 2 IUIs I tested 9 or 10 days after the shot and it was definitley out. What should I do??? Should I take another test at lunch or just wait until tomorrow morning??? There was definitely a line - my husband saw it too! Keep saying those prayers for me!!!


Blakey - July 20

Sounds very very promising to me! the fact that you had a line after 10pET, is really good! I would maybe wait a couple more days to test..if you can hold out. I have heard of many stories where girls test, and they get a faint line...and they are indeed pregant, so see,...it's not over yet christina!


Christina97 - July 20

I caved and took another at 2:30 - it was darker so that was nice to see and it was a FRER. Just going to take one in the mornings from now until Monday - Beta is Monday for me. Keep your fingers crossed!!! Not getting my hopes up because I fear a chemical, but at least it gives me some hope going into Monday. I hope you have a fun time at the game this weekend. We are Oriole fans (live in Baltimore) so we like Boston fans much better than Yankee fans, LOL! :-)


trying4pg - July 20

Christina....are you kidding....that's fabulous!!!! I am so thrilled. My line was really faint when I first saw it...but it depends on the test you use. FRER measures minimum 12.5 HCG while other can measure 25, 50, or 100....so super duper baby. Can you believe it....aren't we the most unlikely pair to both come up with positives. I am so thrilled and thankful every minute....I feel like a 20 pound weight has been lifted off of me. Blakey....from my research....it seems to me that acupuncture improved your chances of pregnancy by about 50%. Meaning if the doc tells you that you have a 33% chance....you will have a 49% chance. It is very good....I had it 2 x per week before my transfer....as well as twice the day of my transfer (before and after) and will continue right through my pregnancy. It allows extra blood flow to the uterus, which promotes a healthy atmosphere for the baby. As well, it has been know to reduce FSH and improve egg quality. My doctor here is not a fertility expert (she is from china and they don't really have a fertility problem there), but she is very good. My out of town re's acupuncturist is a fertility specialist (although she doesn't have the china trained background..) and she works closely with the clinic. I know that some fertility clinics (Vancouver, BC for one) will not treat fertility patients until they have undergone acupuncture. Anyways...gotta fly....I am so happy today...Christina I am thrilled and can hardly wait for updates. When do you do your first bloodwork. Hugs and Baby Dust!!!


trying4pg - July 24

Hi guys...just wondering how you are doing today. Christina...how did your dr. appt go? It was today I think. What did they say. I am finally going to get my b/w done tomorrow, although I am pretty certain (based on a half-dozen tests and a half-dozen symptoms) that my results are positive. Nonetheless, I will feel better hearing it from them. Blakey...hope you are feeling well...only about a week and a half or two before your surgery. You will be IVF'ing in no time. Gotta fly for now....huge torrential rain storm at my house. Hugs and Dust!


Blakey - July 25

Hi Guys! Just checking in too!
Christina...how are you??/ any news??/ we're thinking of you and hopin it's another BFP!!
Hi Trying! thanks for your thought hon! I too am excited for you official beat tomorrow...can't wait to hear your news again officially, so exciting!!!
Yes, my pre-op apt. is next Tuesday, and then the week after (August 8th) is y surgery, so your right, 2 weeks from tomorrow. Really anxious, and happy about it being done. I m so releived that my RE figured out the problem, and now it's like a weight has been liftedfrom my shoulders. i was honestly so stressed from waiting for AF for almost 3 months, and not knowing what the heck was going on with my body. I am just glad i can relax now until the 8th, and just knowing i won't be having those horrible abdominal pains agin this month (from the obstruction) is such a releif! Thanks for your thoughts,...thinking of you too, cant wait to hear about your news tomorrow! It will be an excing day for you! :o)
Christina- let us know how you are...hoping for good news! thanks girls...Hugs and love :o)


trying4pg - August 9

Hi Blakey! I was just wondering how your surgery went today....I was thinking positive thoughts for you all day. I am still just trucking along....my numbers are good (although they only checked them twice) and tomorrow I go for my first ultrasound. I really just want to fast forward past all the scary stuff. Anyways, I am thinking really positive thoughts for you and I hope you are doing well. No word from Christina - I hope everything is going ok for her...but I am nervous as we have not heard from her. Lots of warm thoughts and oodles of baby dust!


Blakey - August 10

Hi trying! thanks so much for your thoughts sweetie. I am doing well actually. My Hysterscopy was on Wednesday, and everything went really good! The procedure was very minimal, and the scar tissue was 3mm into my cervix, so that explains the obstruction, and paisn I had every month. Today was day 28 in my cycle...and AF came this morning! YAY!!!!! I was just so releived, because it's been almost 4 months now...and I was getting worried, even though I had the surgery, and felt it would be okay, I still just prayed it was due to that, and nothing else. I had some pretty intense cramps last night, so bad they woke me up, and into this morning. Tylenol has helped me a lot. My RE called me today, and told me everything looked good, and went well. She said their was no damage to my uterus, and that my lining also looked good, so i was very happy and releived to hear this news. I will meet with her in a few weeks to discuss my upcoming cycle which probably will be in Sept. or Oct. and will most likely be my last IVF for now...we have to take out a loan for this cycle, we have done 3 already...all out of pocket! I have to just hope that everything will work out this time round, and have a healthy pregnancy!
How are you doing??? how are you feeling these days? How many weeks are you? sorry for all the questions, but it's been a while since we've writtne to each other, and with everything going on, I don't t remember. So did you have your u/s yesterday? how did it go? I am sure it was exciting for you! did you hear the h/b?? I am sure that was a very special moment for you and DH.
Please keep posted on how your doing with everything! i hope you and your little one are both doing well. I wonder too how things are with Christina??!!! Was she pregnant? i remember her telling us she took the home test, and she had a faint line, but she never told us how her apt. turned out for her beta? Hmmmm...hope everything is okay! Christina---if your reading this, please know Trying and I are thinking of you...hope all is well with you, and please post when you can, just to ck in with us!
Thanks again Trying for your good wishes and thoughts. It is one big hurtle behind me know...it's been a long few months, and a long wait for AF. Phew......

Hope to hear from you soon~ Sending you big hugs...and lots of happy wishes!!


trying4pg - August 17

Hi again Blakey....well I guess it is closer to you finding out about your next IVF procedure. I will definitely hope, pray, wish, and think tonnes of positive thoughts for you. I know when I responded poorly to my IVF cycle...the doctors were suggesting I use the "flare protocol" next time. I think that just means going on birth control pills for one month before beginning treatment as opposed to going on suppressants first. Might be worth asking about if you haven't already discussed it. At least now we know that IVF can work for you....so I think that will really help your RE in determining your protocol. As for me, I am officially 8 weeks today....and time is really dragging. I had the u/s last week and things looked good. I have one little fetus hanging around in there and he/she seemed to be doing pretty good. I saw the heartbeat, but didn't ask how fast it was going. It seems like everything is fine...so I won't be going to the doctor until Sept 10th. I am looking forward to being in my 13th week, so I can not worry so much. Anyways....just wanted to say hi and I will try to keep in touch with you every couple weeks. Just know that there is someone out there thinking really positive thoughts for you and hoping you get a bfp right around the corner. Karen


wantingtoconceive - October 23

I was told yesterday that I am not responding to the drug and needed to stop treatment. I was taking lupron, gonal and menopur. She told me that I can try again next month. I was very disappointed.


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