Pooled Progesterone Test
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Susan - October 5

Hello Ladies, I just got a message from my Dr's office leaving me the results of my Pooled Progesterone test. She said that they like it to be over 10 preferably 20 and that I'm right in the middle with 15.5. I can't find much information online about this test and I wondered if anyone had any experience with it? I guess I'm wondering if not having a higher level is making it harder for me to get pregnant or more likely to have a m/c if I do get pregnant? I realize she was saying it was a normal result but wonder what the advantage of having a slightly higher level is. any help would be appreciated!


Toni - October 5

I don't think a higher level would hurt you. I had a 32.2. If it's too low you could have a m/c.


try this - October 5

found this info for you by just googling progesteone levels.: When Normal Values What Level Means
Mid-Luteal Phase 5+ ng/ml As mentioned above, a level of 5 indicates some kind of ovulatory activity, though most doctors want to see a level over 10 on unmedicated cycles, and over 15 with medications. There is no mid-luteal level that predicts pregnancy.
First Trimester 10-90 ng/ml Average is about 20 at 4 weeks LMP, and 40 at 14 weeks LMP. It is important to note that while a higher progesterone level corresponds with higher pregnancy success rates, one cannot fully predict outcome based on progesterone levels. Progesterone supplementation is unlikely to help if started after a positive pregnancy test.



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