polyp question again
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sunshine7610 - February 6

Hey girls. I had a polyp removed 2 weeks ago. (I was midcycle... cd15). And my period is due right now (cd30). So far I've had brown spotting for about 4 days and no sign of bright red flow yet. And I'm wondering when the doc removed the polyp could he have taken most of the lining of my uterus with it. Meaning I won't get a regular period this month since most of the lining is already gone. So I am asking all the ladies who have had polyps removed...did you get a normal period that cycle after the surgery??? I would think that I would still get a period because the lining usually builds up in the luteal phase but I don't really know how it would work after surgery.


patrizia - February 7

hey sunshine...i am in EXACTLY the same situation !!!!!!! i had a polyp removed on january 15th--and so far no AF !!! JUST SPOTTING---sometimes pink, sometimes brown, sometimes nothing, and mucosy brownish at times...i dont knew what to think !!!!!!! i hope someone can help us !---when was your surgery ?....idid bleed a bit after the surgery on and off for 5 days---so who knews. i was on cd8 when i had the surgery ! did the dr. notice the polyp formed after medicated cycles ? let me knew how things go for you and i will do the same. hope someone can help us. !


sunshine7610 - February 7

Hi Patrizia, I had my polyp removed Jan 23rd which was cd15. My cycles are pretty regular since I've been on clomid. But since I've been on clomid, I always get a few days of spotting before AF, but it's been 6 days of spotting so far and no bright red yet. Just brown discharge. I'm supposed to start my clomid again on days 2-6 but if I am not going to get a normal period this cycle then how do I know when day 2 is?! I wonder if most of the lining was removed when he took out the polyp. Today I'd feel like AF had started but then I'd check and it's just brown discharge still. When did your dr say you could start ttc again? Mine said after I get my next period. I don't know if that is this or if I have to wait another cycle for a normal period. ....I'm going to try anyway.....screw it. I just did the math....we are on exactly the same cycle day now! Hopefully AF will show soon!
After my surgery I had a tiny bit of bleeding and slight cramping the next day but that was it. My dr noticed it after I had been on clomid for a couple months and I had an ultrasound to see if I was ovulating. I had a hysterosonogram to confirm it was a polyp. Do you temp? I noticed my temperature drastically dropped the last 2 days so maybe this is all the period I will get. Usually that is when AF shows.



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