Polycystic Ovarion Syndrome
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Alma - May 1

Does anyone here have this? I haven't been diagnosed but I'm pretty sure I have this. I have all the signs pretty much except for maybe one and my mom is the same way. She had issues getting pregnant as does my sister. I was wondering if anyone has this and has gotten pregnant and used at home pregnancy tests because I want to know if it affects the pregnancy test.


Kate - May 1

Hi Alma. I have not been diagnosed with this but I am having a blood test today to check if I have certain aspects of it. I have long cycles, am growing dark hair under my belly button and have put on 3kgs in a few weeks (although this could be caused by my period). I am also having trouble concieving. PSOC will not effect any pregnancy tests. I suggest that you see a Gyno ASAP. Good luck!


Alma - May 2

I've seen doctors. I've been put on birth control to regulate my periods. I would go 4 months without them sometimes. That was the longest I went before I went to the doctor. The only thing I have to do to confirm it is get an ultrasound to look at my ovaries but those things are highly expensive. I have a lot of hair all over my body including my face, irregular periods, darkening under my breasts and underarms, acne, I'm overweight, and I have problems with my blood sugar levels (no diabetes but I'm hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic...I forgot the difference). I was just reading on the package that ovarian cysts can affect ur pregnancy test...so I was wondering about that



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