polycystic ovarian syndrome
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hopeless - February 26

fi found out last year that i have this syndrome and on medication for about 6 months.My gyny said i should try going on clomid.Does clomid help to fall pregnant and anyone who has this syndrome fall pregnany.I fell like I will never fall pregnant and as if this syndrome is uncurable.Need to hear something positive....


emma - February 26

I have been diagnosed with PCOS for two years last jan doc put me on metformin - i lost three stone and concieved, unfortunately i lost the baby, but i am now 8wks pregnant again, so please don't give up hope...


luna - February 26

EMMA I to have been put on metformin & clomid to help me get pregnant I also have pcos. How did you loose so much weight on metformin and how long did it take I've been told to go on a low carb diet no pasta, rice,potatoes or bread I've been told but I'm finding it very hard. I'm on 100mg at moment need to get to 150mg please respond.....


Antoinette - April 14

Please don't be negative, I have a beautiful 6 yr old daughter that came totally out of the blue. Being told that If I ever wanted children I would need to under go care with a gyno for at least 12 months and even then the chance of falling was slim, yet I was only off the pill for less then 8 month and in a new relationship and concieved on the first try. And I have a friend for whom it happened in 3 months....don't give up, it will happen. I realise every case is different but i am trying again so I hope this inspires you...xxx.


Jessica Cope - April 14

I was told I had pos 1 year ago. At that time I was given clomid because my progestrone on the 21st day after my period was 1.7. Anyone that knows can tell you it has to be at least 12 to get pregnant. Anything higher is better. After 1 year of being on different levels of Clomid I had a progesterone level of 14.7 on the 23rd day. It was probably in the 15's on the 21st day, but I couldn't test then. I highly recommend it. It is the only thing along with my Metformin that has worked.

[email protected]
write if you want, I can give you more information


Kerri-Lynn - April 14

I have been on Metformin since March 18th 2005,I REALLY hope it works for me,my fertility doctor seems to think it will...FINGERS CROSSED! I am on 850mg twice a day,went for my HSG DYE TEST today and my fallopian tubes are not blocked which is awsome..8 yrs ago i took Clomid and got pregnant with twins 3 months into the treatment:D now my twins will be 8yrs on May 31st :D..So i am preying that i have luck with this Metformin treatment.



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