polycystic ovarian syndrome
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Theresa - December 11

so the doctor just diag. me with polycystic ovarian syndrome. don't know much about what it is. but wondering if anyone else has it and if the doctor put them on metformin (glucocphage). have you had any luck getting preg. on this drug and anything else you might want to add.


lyric - December 11

Hi Theresa, Yes, I have PCOS as well. No luck getting preg. YET but still trying. I did not need the glucophage. However, a friend of mine was placed on it and she has healthy and happy twins. There are quite a few of us that have PCOS here so you are not alone. If you have any questions, post them. They will get answered. GL to you!


thayward7 - December 12

Hi Theresa, I also have PCOS and am taking Metformin. I have not gotten pregnant yet, however am hopeful that it will happen soon. Do you have any specific questions? Smiles and Babydust... T


trying4agirl - December 12

Hi. PCOS is a very interesting "disease". I have it...have had it since I was 15 only back then they didn't know what to call it.
I was never put on Metformin until this year (and I've been dealing with PCOS for over 19 years now). I tried taking the met in the spring but couldn't handle it - I had ALOT of stress at that time and the met just made my IBS go absolutely haywire, so I stopped taking it. Now my IBS seems to be in remission and all of my stress is gone...so I'm back on Met again.

I'm hoping that the met helps me get pregnant this first round...I also took Clomid 50 mg. on days 3-7 and I'm currently on cd 25 and hoping that all my "pregnancy symptoms are real" - Friday can't get here fast enough.

But with PCOS you can get pregnant...can be a bit more challenging! My first son was conceived on my last round of 100mg of Clomid (I did 3 months of 50mg and then 3 months of 100mg.)

My second son was miraculously conceived the very first month I took 50mg of Clomid. (Kinda caught us off guard, since we weren't expecting it to happen so fast!)

Let me know if you have any other questions about PCOS - I'm happy to help out! GL to you and hope that the met will do the trick for you!


rochellemartin - December 12

oh wow, i just found this question. i too just found today i have PCOS. i am scared as well. my doc didnt put me on anything but is waiting to see if i ovulate, thats my big problem. im trying to get pregnant for 7 months. i have one semi working ovary which is good, but i am only 19 so thats why me and my husband are trying while i am young before i cant have any babys. i wish good luck to you!!


Gena - December 12

Theresa, I have PCOS, we had tried to conceived for about 16 months and finally did bloodwork and found out that's what I have. They put me on 1500 mg a day of metformin and I was pregnant my first period after taking the pill for 1 month and 1/2. There is hope! I wish all of you the best of luck. PS I'm now 37 weeks w/ no problems at all.


thayward7 - December 12

You are so young Rochelle! I hope things work out for you, but remember, you still have lots of time! I am in my 30s. T


Lynn - December 12

i also have PCOS....took metformin for 7 months and am happy to report i am 32wks pregnant and everything is fine. I took metformin until i was 12 weeks along as PCOS patients have a history of miscarriages also. Ask lots of questions and this forum is great for support. good luck ladies.


KeiraYvette - December 28

Hi I found out I had PCOS after four months of no periods... was put on Metformin three months ago, 1500mg a day... And today I just got my first period after 7 months.. I've also been using Maybe Baby an ovulation tester which showed i was ovulating over a week ago, it was very exciting... unfortunately no pregnancy... but a period is better than nothing.. least now I can fall pregnant! Its amazing how such a cheap drug can have such an amazing affect.. from all the reading Ive been doing, I really hope we with both have a pregnancy story to put up here soon.... baby dust your way! xoxo


star_4_baby - December 28

hey its not something big but very common...it will be bit difficult to get prego but you never know....take care and almost all my friends got them...chances of miscarrige is higher.....good luck


Mrs. Atacador - January 14

Teresa...I also have PCOS I am 22 and was diag. in "05". I have been TTC for 2 years now with no luck YET. It has been a very sad, depressing rollercoaster ride for me and my husband but we are still trying we go to see a fertility specialist on the 19th of this month. Even though you have PCOS it is still possible to become pregnant just more difficult then an average women. The key I think is try to stay postive,eat healty, exersice, and talk with others to help you not stress out. Also I have heard ALOT of good things about Clomid and Met. although I took clomid for over 6 months with no luck every women is different. Also I was pres. Met awhile back but I thought It was crazy to take so I never did. Now I am kickin myself in the butt. Well I wish you all the best of luck and hope everything goes well for you if you have any more questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] you....Mrs. Atacador



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