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Tired - May 3

I have PCOS and been TTC. I'm on 500mg metformin and 50mg clomid this cycle. I feel really stressful not conceiving yet. Anyone feels the same?


sarah - May 3

hi i have pcos, and while i had no luck with chlomid, another treatment worked for me and i now have a 11mth old little man. it is very frustrating i know and upsetting but i am sure it will ahppen to you too. p.s dont go looking at pcos sites i have found that people(understandably)release all theis anguish on the forums, the result is you feel there are fewer success stories than there really are good luck my husband and i are trying to concieve again also.let me know how you go


Jill - May 3

Hi was trying to concieve for 31/2 years on clomid and 500mg of metformin and it wasn't working. Doctor increased metformin to 2000mg and I am now 6 weeks pregnant happend on first raised dose. So it might just be finding the right dose of metformin for you. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.


Jill - May 3

Sorry I have also been struggling with PCOS for the last 6 years.


Crystal - May 3

I have PCOS. I dont have regular periods at all. I have taken bc before and it would make me have normal periods. I am taking 1500mg of metformin a day and 50mg of clomid days 5-9. I did get a positive opk on cd 22. I went to the dr today cd 36. I havent started af yet, but I dont have regular periods I had to take provera to start my period. The good news is that I ovulated but I awaiting the test results to see if i am pregnant. we did a blood test because it is too early the dr. said for a urine test. Wish me luck.


tired - May 4

it's great to hear from all of u...sarah, u said u tried other tratment that helped u conceived...what was that?


tired - May 4

do you all go through close monitoring by your gynae on when u ovulate and whether progesterone hormone is up to the level and such? because i've never done that and hope to do that


sarah - May 4

i was on puregon which is a self administered saily injection with v close monitoring of hormone levels and scans etc. my little man was concieved on the 3rd cycle of puregon.he is my pride and joy. this time we have done 2 cycles so far, the first there were 2 eggs i ovulated but no pregnancy, this cycle had to be cancelled though because far too many eggs were produced and it would have been a very high risk of multiples. so waiting for period now so can start the next cycle maybe it will be the charm again. good luck everyone congrats on the pregnancy jill.


sarah - May 4

p.s i did try chlomid first.
50mg then 100mg over 2 cycles and had zero results so my doctor put me straihgt onto puregon.


Crystal - May 4

Well guys I went in for my blood test and it was a bfn. I am kinda dissapointed but i am okay. I will now take the provera for ten days then i will take the clomid 100mg days 5-9. Then we will see what happens after that. This was only my first round of clomid at 50mg. And i ovulated. So I am ok with that. Baby Dust to you all!!!!


Alma - May 4

My mom has polycystic ovaries...as do I...my mom got pregnant on clomid with me and one of my older sisters. She got pregnant with my two youngest siblings naturally. So just be patient and it will come :)


Jay - May 4

Can I ask do most people with pcos have irregular bledding. I had a few cysts removed but now I feel I have another I ahve been TTC for 7 months and feel that I might have pcos need a little more info on how you know you have pcos


Alma - May 4

I believe irregular menstrual cycles is one of the most common signs of PCOS along with facial hair and excessive hair all over the body, obesity, darkening of skin under breasts and armpits....and some other symptoms. Just look it up online


tired - May 5

it's great to know all of u and some of ur success stories :)
this is my firsr cycle with metformin and clomid...i used to take only clomid for abt 8 cycles but no success...i feel that i ovulated this cycle with the eggwhite and ovary twinge but according to my charting, my temp has still not spike...can anyone tell me what that means?
is my progesterone too low but i feel tender breasts and sore nipples...is that due to progesterone rise?


sarah - May 8

hi tired, i am not sure what that means, however sore breasts and nipples can be a few things ie side effects from your drugs, an oncoming period or pregnancy also its tough, i dont monitor my tempereture i go purely by the mucous and can usually pick if i have ovulated or not. good luck keep us posted, day 1 of period for me today so can start my drugs in 5 days or so, fingers crossed for this cycle.


tired - May 10

but according to what i read, egg white mucus does not confirm whether one has ovulated right? i don't know...i have egg white mucus but my temp has been consistently abt the same without any spike...btw, does it really make a difference to use a normal fever termometer?


sarah - May 10

i dont know as i said i dont do the temperature thing. you can get ovulation testing sticks. with my treatment i am given a shot to make me ovulate and then a blood test 2-3 days later to see if i did. maybe you will have to wait it out. good luck keep posting



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