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jillj82 - August 14

hi i'm 23 and i have pof. i"ve had this since i was 19. could i still get pregnant without fertility drugs, and do i still have eggs left?


andrea21 - August 14

Hi jillj82, I have PCOS not POF so I don't know much about it -but from what I have read its rare for someone with POF to have any of their own eggs remaining though it is not impossible, the use of fertility drugs would not help - doctors suggest using donor eggs if you are ttc.
Are you on estrogen or progestin? and do you still get af? some doctors say that if you can get a spontaneous period then there is a chance that you have a few eggs remaining. If you do have a few eggs remaining but not trying to get pregnant now - then your best choice is to freeze your eggs.
My advice is to go to an RE who has expertise in POF. here is a POF support site www.pofsupport.org.
I wish you the best of luck on your ttc journey.



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