PMS after AF ends while on Clomid???
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mg - May 19

This was our second month of Clomid. Normally before AF arrives I have sore swollen breasts, cramps, feel sick ect. This time I didnt really have any symptoms. My AF lasted 1.5 days (which is normal) except it wasnt as heavy as normal. So here is the strange part, the day after my AF ended my breasts got swollen and slightly sore, my nips are killing me. I have cramps and I feel sick to my stomach. I just dont know what to think, and I dont want to call my MD. Can stress cause this type of reaction?


pj - May 20

I dont want to raise your hopes...but could you have had implantation bleeding. It is rare and happens around the time Af is due...have you done a preg dust


pj - May 20

Sorry , I forgot to ask you, have you had clomid this cycle also...because clomid is known to produce different sideeffects in different people..and maybe this is the reason for everything


Tracy88 - May 20

I agree with PJ, I think you should take a test just to make sure you are not PG before starting another round of meds. You just never know.



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