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neha - October 6

i took a OPK on 25th sept(i was supposed to O on 26th) & it was +ve. I didn't have any CM. We bd on the 26th noon. then after 3-4 days ie on sat 1st oct i was feelinf wet down so tested again & yes it was +ve on OPK. so we bd on that day. af is due on 10th oct. so what do u guys think? i don't feel wet down. i have read that if there is wet after o there its a sign of pregnancy. i don't feel wet does this mean i m not pregnant. this is my 4th month ttc. I was pregnant b4 in Jan 2005 but miscarried in march. Plz. help me guys!


Toni - October 6

I sometimes feel the wetness before af. And then sometimes I have no obvious cm when I know I am ovulating. I have also had multiple days when I tested + on opk's. Make sure you test in the afternoon and at the same time everyday. Also, I would check out the use of Pre seed. It may help. Good luck!


Indie - October 6

Everyone is different so can't say for sure... but you don't HAVE to have CM show if you've O'd. Also, it is not completely unheard of to O twice in a cycle, esp if you are on fertility meds. But looks like you timed the BD right so fingers crossed and baby dust your way. If AF is due the 10th then you should wait 3-4 more days and give EPT test a go. If it comes up neg of faint line, wait til the 10th and if af doesn't show, wait another 2 days and then try another EPT. Make sure to use your first morning urine as it is most concentrated with hormones. GOOD LUCK!


dont use 1st urine - October 6

MY OPK's say DO NOT use first morning urine. Its your hpt you use first morning urine for. Test between 10am and 8 pm the best being after 2pm according to my box.


neha - October 6

thank u guys for ur answers. more thoughts r welcome.


M'Rita - October 7

Hi neha,
I've just found out that I am PG and I did not feel wet before AF was due at all. It's only after I had my first positive HPT (about 4-5days after AF was due) that I started noticing increase in mc. Also I did not even have the stretchy kind of mc that month that we conceived. Good luck to u & hope that u r PG. Let us know how it all goes. How do u feel at the moment? I started having cramps 6-7 DPO and they just got stronger since.
Love xxx Rita


stef - October 7

I didn't get wet at all either before my af was due, i'm pregnant now and it didn't start getting that mucus stuff until 5 weeks. But you could be different.


neha - October 7

thanx stef & M' Rita, & congrats! u made me feel better. Did u guys have any other symptoms like breast soreness or morning sickness etc. I do not feel anything, no symptoms till today.


neha - October 8

plz. answer!


neha - October 9




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