PLZ HELP ! Signs of endo before yopu know you had it
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kristie h - May 29

Hi all, Before i had my son who is now 16 months i would spot at anytime time of the month and mainly after sex. Sex was sumtimes so painfull it turnd me off but no pain with the sptting af and the spotting was never red it went from black to brown sorry tmi. I went off the pill as i thought that was causeing the problem but it didnt go away. i went from doc to doc and they could never find a problem but 1 gyno asked if endo was in the family and i have never herd of it b4 and said i dont know then left it at that.I fell pregnant april 04 with no problems and had him in jan 05. I was amazed after having him mr af was bright red and no spotting. Well in april 05 i fell pregnant and losed it at 9 weeks but found out no heart beat at 12 weeks and what do i know af was back to brown. I had no spotting between af untill i found i was pregnant in feb06 and lost it in feb06. I have had 2 af since and i have been passing clots and af lasting up to 13 days so the doc put me on primolut n i had a withdrawl bleed on the 17th may and lasted 6 days 4 days spotting 3 days flow a week later im spotting brown again. sex is becoming painfull and stabbing pains when i do bowel movment sorry ITI. Well i am woundering if anyone can plz help what the signs of ENDO and what were your signs of endo befor u knew you had it? From what i have red on the net that after having a child it fixs up for a while and i am beging to wounder thats why my af was proper after giving birth and now its been 16 months that it begging to form. Plz help i am ttc but im worried there are things wrong that i should get my doc to do test. PLZ HELP.


Jaqi - May 29

I didn't know I had endo either. My mom and aunt have it, my grandmother, etc... It runs in the family but they didn't have any problems having kids. Me, I've been trying for 8yrs and no kids yet. I had a lap done 2/06 and found out I have endo. My right tube is blocked and left is open. The doc said I have it pretty bad. During AF, I usually see clots which is a sign of endo, back and knee pain which is another sign, and heavy for the first 2-3 days. Some people don't have symptoms. Ask your doc about having a dye test done to check your tubes for any blockage and your uterus for any polyps, etc... Otherwise, the only other way is to have laparoscopic surgery done. That's what I had to have. It's easy and not bad. Talk to an RE (Reproductive Endocronologist) about trying to have another baby. They are the ones that do IVF, IUI, etc... They can help. Ask your doctor about PCOS, which can cause you to skip AF and throw it out of whack. Hope this helps!!!!


Jaqi - May 29

Talking to an RE can give you more answers than your gyno probably can since they specialize in this stuff.



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