Pls help w/this crazy monitor.....
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lovemy3 - September 14

Hi there, I am 37 and ttc#4. I just have bought the CBEFM. I according to other OPKs I ovulate )surge) on cd18 of my cycle. This is my first month of the monitor and I started showing "high" on cd12, yesterday was cd18, had major ovary cramping, cm etc and still only showed "high". Got up this a.m cd 19 and would have bet my life on seeing "peak". Still nothing! The actual test strip have 2 completely identical lines on it. For the past 4 months of trying we have used the regular OPK and they have said surge each month on cd18. Has anyone heard of the monitor being wrong? especially being the first month? Anyone every gotten pg and according to the monitor never "peaked" Feeling SO frustrated this a.m. this is just crazy. Any help would be so appreciated. thanks to all. XOXO


lovemy3 - September 14

Gosh, i called the hotline and they said that the monitor would not miss a surge? What are some of yuor experiences? Any hope with this? Thanks again


LeslieK - September 14

I had the CBEFM and was using it when I conceived my current baby-to-be and the 3 months I had used it previous to that it had always shown a "peak" and the month I got pg, it never showed a "peak". I have read that it gets to know your cycle over time too and it will become more sensitive the longer you use it. Don't give up hope on ovulating this month though, it worked for me.


lovemy3 - September 14

Thanks so much for responding. It gets so frustrating, and I feel so sure I did ovulate yesterday, yet no "peak". We bd anyhow, so know i guess we'll wait and see. It is encouraging to know you concieved with "no peak" Congrats and good luck.


LeslieK - September 14

Thanks! I'm about 30 weeks now and everything is going fine. I lent out my monitor to a friend who is TTC so hopefully she'll have positive results too. Good luck to you!


lovemy3 - September 14

Just walked in the door from going and buying the regular OPK 5 day test kit, and pee'd and definate, definate surge line. Would you take that for the monitor missed it? When you lent your to your friend did she know to reset it back to its original memory? they had to help me push a variety of buttons so it did not hang on to my friends info. (she gave it to me) Thanks for your help


Tammy276 - September 15

your monitor didnt miss may have just caugh the beginning of your peak and w/ the line being the same color, it will still show high....I bet any money your monitor will show you peak tomorrow morning....your test sticks for the monitor are different than the other 5 or 7 packet ones you buy from the store...the ones that go w/ the monitor actually test for 2 hormones, not just the lh surge, they test estrogen as when you peak on your monitor, the line that is normally light will go dark and the one that is normally dark will go will be the opposite of what it normally is....i think it would be very rare for the monitor to miss a peak since how it is testing for the 2 I said..I bet it shows you peak in the am.


lovemy3 - September 15

Hi tammy, I posted on the othe post as well. No peak this a.m on the monitor, CD20, but a very obvious surge on the OPK as well as symptoms. I have no idea. We bd as if I was o'ing. So we will see what happens. Did you see the other post from leslie who concieved without a Peak? I met another girl last night on my street who that also happend to. The cycle her monitor NEVER showed Peak she concieved. I wonder if the regular OPK has a higher sensitivity level than the monitor, so it shows on the OPK and not monitor. Hmmm. Anyhow, no peak is no peak on the monitor. Who knows! very confusing. Thanks ttyl


stepmommel - September 16

Hi ladies. I just thought I'd add a little something about my experience with the monitor from this month. I started Clomid the same time I started using the monitor. The first month I used the monitor, it showed a peak right around mid month and I did O at that time. This month (month 2) it never showed a peak, just HIGH. Then after about I think two weeks of being High it apparently gave up hope and didn't require me to test anymore, and went back down to Low . I'd naturally given up hope too, but now fertility friend (where I track my temperatures) shows that I Ovulated one or two days after the monitor gave up! So, talk about frustrating, first it never showed a peak, but then it gave up a day or two too soon when in reality I DID ovulate, just later than it expected and now I can't let it know that I did O! ARGH!!! Anyway, just thought you might like to know another quirk. HEY TAMMY!! :)


LB - September 16

Hi girls i used the monitor for months now and it always detected my peak, confirmed with reg opk's and signs. The thing i found with the sticks is that they are super sensitive with the urine, if you immerse the sticks too long or if there is not enough urine on the stick the monitor will not pick it up correctly. Did you guys ever look at your sticks after taking it out of the monitor and if you did, did you see two lines and maybe a streak of blue through the sides? if so that may mean that there was too much urnine on the stick and it may have distorted the test result. If you wait a few hours and re read the line you should be able to tell which line is lighter or darker, i found that when i look at it visually i can usually determine when i have peaked. Hold the urine end(the end that you have peed on) that side should face towards your left hand, and that first line closer to the left is your lh levels the other side is your estrogen levels, when there is an increase in lh it will be darker than the estrogen levels, and vice versa. The thing with the sticks is that as estrogen increases the line(estrogen) will get lighter. I hope this helps, good luck ladies!



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