Pls Help w/my?
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jlk - May 16

I am on CD22, in my life I have never had problems with allergies. All of a sudden on Thursday to present I have been burdened with sneezing attacks, blowing a white or clear fluid from my nose sometimes mixed with blood. This also goes with all the other symptoms I have been experiencing since CD8. Any thoughts!!!!!!!!


Melissa - May 17

You could just be exposed to different pollens? You should contact your doctor if you have blood in it thought. At least call a nurse.


jlk - May 17

Thank you Melissa, I did contact my doctor's office and they asked me a few questions, one being if I was pregnant. I said the test was neg, so they recommended me coming in to have a blood test done.


Melissa - May 17

That's why I would have suggested also. My allergies are bad all the time, but they were even worse when I was pg. Did you take a test?



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