Pls help, anyone O on clomid then not next cycle?
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lindsie - March 16

Have any of you taken clomid and O'd on it and then one cycle it doesn't work? I used Clomid for 4 cycles on 50 mg. I O'd every time. I didn't get pg until that last cycle. Sadly, I lost it early. So, now I'm back to my first round of clomid since the m/c and it didn't seem to work this cycle. Before I O'd about cd 16 or 17. Now I'm on cd22 and still no O. What's going on? I have an appt with my dr. 3/26. What are my next steps if it really didn't work? I am so confused.


Mindy1 - March 16

hey there!? How do you know when your Oing? do you use OPKs or do you temp?


lindsie - March 16

Sorry, I forgot to add that part. I'm a temp charter. I've been charting for over 2 years, so I'm pretty confident I haven't O'd yet, based on my temps. I didn't use OPKs this cycle. Another weird thing is my cm still seems fairly wet. So, maybe I still have a chance?? Who knows. My cycles are usually so messed up that I'm not sure what "normal" is. :)


Tracy88 - March 16

I did clomid for three cycles. On the first cycle, my ovulation was awesome. I had a day21 progesterone level of 37 or something, the second month it was a 9, then the third cycle it was 50 something. The nine was BAD! I gave all that up and moved to injectables which worked on the first cycle. I am now almost 31 weeks PG. Good luck.


SaintRose83 - March 16

linsie... the first time I ovulated on day 22, this time I ovualted on day 18. I got pregnant, but looks like I lost this one really early, how far along were you?? I still think you have a chance to Ovulate, you seem to respond well to it.


lindsie - March 16

Saint Rose, I am so sorry. I was about 5.5 weeks when I miscarried. It was early in the pregnancy, but it still hurts nonetheless. I've found a lot of support over on the "pregnancy loss" board. I sure hope I still have a chance to O this cycle. I just don't think I can handle yet another set back.



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