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Norma - April 24

hi ladies, im going so insane and loosing my mind i having been TTC for the last 2mths.
i cry when my period comes, and every mth i count dwn the days b4 my nxt period to see if i come or not. why am i so unlucky.
why cant god bless us all with babies, i pray everyday aswel, and i feel as if he is not listening to my prayers... pls help


Heather - April 24

Norma - Keep in mind it takes the average couple up to 8 months to conceive. Dr's don't recommend you even see an RE until you've been trying for a year. Good luck to you. I do understand how you feel. There are things you can do to help conceive. Have you been charting your temp to pinpoint your day of ovulation? Have you taken opk's? There are sexual position you can use to help... There are many things you can do. Around O time don't have sex every day. Make it every other day so you build up his sperm count...


Norma - April 24

Hi Heather,
I have used the ovulation calendar method, i have regular periods. when making have sex i always get my partner to be on top and i make sure that i wait for an hr to get out of bed. i have sex every other day aswel, what is opks


Heather2 - April 24

I have been TTC for a year. I know your frustration, but like Heather said it can take awhile. I am regular too. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Try to have fun and make it relaxing. I know it's hard but put some romance into TTC. I have been using the Clearblue easy O kit. It's $200, but worth it. It tells you when you get LH surge right around O. I know it's hard not to count down and when you get your AF it just stinks. But just try to stay positive.You have to have a healthy postive attitude for you and for your partner. Good Luck! Keep in touch.


Heather - April 24

Norma - This sounds stupid but seriously... Have you ever put a pillow under your hips? Or tried the "doggie style" position? Some people say it is better. I would still chart my temp if I were you... You may be regular but you may not O the day you think you do. Just a suggestion. Good luck *~*~*~*~*~


Amy - April 29

Hello Norma. I have been reading online for anykind of information I can get. One thing I read on here is that propping a pillow under your lower back while having sex might help. Also, that after sex and your partner cums, lay there with your feet propped on a pillow and do not go to pee right afterwards. I have not tried this. But, I am in the process of finding out if I am pregnant right now. I am having the signs, but took a pregnancy test this morning and it came up negative. I do not know if I took it too soon or if the test is right. I wish you the best of luck Norma.


Cutie - April 29

Norma, sweety, I understand you. I am also very depresed, but I know I should relax. God does hear us and He does answer but in His timing... I will pray for you honey.


shannonb - April 29

My doctor told me that it takes the average couple a year to conceive. This is when everything is working right and timing is right. I would say that you have nothing to get upset about yet. I know it is frustrating but keep smiling and try not to get too stressed. I have been ttc for almost two years so just thank your lucky starts that you are not in my position. Good luck to you and lots of baby dust.


jada - April 29

I was told not to use too big of a pillow as the sperm can go under the cervix instead of up like they should. Also if you have a tipped uterous lie on your tummy afterwards not your back.good luck


Norma - April 29

Hi Heather2
Thanks for the wonderful tips, i will try to relax and be calm. I am due on ,y period nxt wk and have my fingers crossed that is doesn't come.
Its so glad to chat to ppl who understand what i am going through. Baby dust to u and pls keep in touch aswell


Norma - April 29

Hi Heather,

I have put a pillow whilst making love, and put my legs up in the air. Hoping that i wont come on nxt week, how long have u been trying?


Norma - April 29

Hi Cutie,

I could do with all the prayers in the world. All we can do is hope we get blessed soon


Norma - April 29

Hi Amy,
I hpe the results were wrong and if u take them again i hpe u r pregnant. Wishing you all the best and let us knw of the outcome.


Amy - April 29

Hey. I think I will try again next week. when my husband gets paid again. I should be able to let you know friday or saturday of next week. Good luck Norma and thank you for replying to me. Take care!


Norma - April 30

Hi Amy,
I am due on nxt wk and hope that i dnt come on my period, hoping that we both have gud news to tell each other pls keep in touch



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