PLLZ any1 here to answer......????????????????
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Maya13 - July 26

Hi all, i had few tests that fertility gave me, On first appoinmnet he said that their is no chance BUT IVF becoz of my husbands LOW SPERM Count.....most of the sperms are dead :( :( :( :( but he gave us some tests for second appointment so that he could see if there is some problem with hormons. SOOO I am having HIgh Prolactin Level thats about 43, for that he gave me BROMOCRPITINE 2.5 mg, i also habe thyroid problem for that i am using SYNTHROID 0.05mg aaaaaaaaand i am having Mycoplasma in crevix,...for that i am using DOXYCYCLINE 100mg..........and for my husband he gave same BROMOCRPITINE...............................CAN any one tell PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZ that are these alllllllllllll things with me are also causing problem with getting me pregnet........reminding that my husbands sperm count are very low most of it are dead IS Still there any chances........PLZ Answer or answer on my E mail thats


slowpoke01 - July 26

maya if you are going to do ivf look into icis that is where they inject 1 sperm into the egg and even though most of them are dead if they can find a couple that are alive that is all you need.



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