Please tell me what you know about prometrium
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MelissaV - April 28

Hi! I'm on cd2, and my progesterone level 7dpo last cycle as 10.9. My doctor is going to have me take prometrium cd16-28 this cycle. Anything you can tell me about your experience taking it would be appreciated...thanks!


Bing - April 29

Hi MelissaV! I just started taking Prometrium this cycle. I actually had an IUI on 4/22 and began taking it the next day. I think progesterone can come in different forms (pills, injections, suppositories) so it depends on what your dr. is having you take. One word of advice, don't always trust what the pharmacist says! My dr. told me I would be taking it vaginally (ugh) and when I went to pick it up from the pharmacy the bottle said to take it orally. When I asked the pharmacist he told me that I was talking about a whole other form of progesterone that only a "compounding pharmacy" would carry. Upon calling my dr. she informed me that the white, gel capsules were indeed the correct med and I was to take it vaginally ... fertility drs. have been using it like that for years. I kind of felt like the pharmacist should've been up-to-date and knew this info...but oh well! The only thing I've noticed with taking it (I'm on my 6th day) is feeling bloated/crampy and very irritable....almost depressed. But then again, that could just be from the whole TTC roller-coaster we're all on! Other than that, no real changes in BBT or anything else. Good luck!


wannabeamom - April 29

Hi MelissaV, I also take Prometrium day 17 until I get AF or not. I take it at bedtime so most of the side effects I don't feel. But I will say taking it doesn't mean your progesterone levels will be ok. 5 out of 6 months were good for me, but the 6th month my 21 day test came back with a 4. I was taking the prog. like instructed and I o'd that cycle. So who knows. I also think it made me a little more emotional. In the end it is not nearly as bad as the clomid s/e. bing, I have heard of taking it vaginally. It doesn't seem to be as common as other forms. I was going to take it vaginally and decided against it. I prefer to feel clean and crazy!!! LOL Well GL to both of you. Babydust~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~~**~*


isa - April 29

Hi Melissa, my doc has me take the suppository prometrium but I take them rectally as they can sometimes cause itching and infections if taken vaginally & apparently a lot messier. (I get the compounded kind like Bing talked about- I get them from the RE's office). RE says the prometrium pill form would cause me to be very groggy (and I would be taking it 3xday) and since I need to drive I chose not to take it that way. I found no side effects at all with the suppositories.


MelissaV - April 29

Thanks everyone! I haven't picked mine up from the pharmacy yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm taking the pill form. So, wannabemom, does your period start while you're taking it? I guess I thought it wouldn't start until I quit taking the pill on day 28...if that's not the case I wonder why my doctor doesn't just want me to take them until I start my period?


wannabeamom - April 29

Melissa, yes my period does start while I am taking it. When I get AF I just stop taking it until the next cycle. Keep us up on what is going on with you. Babydust


TL - April 29

Hi ladies. I take 200mg of Prometrium orally twice a day. I have had no side effects (thank god) and I had my 1st IUI done on 4/21. I will get a blood test on 5/5 to see if it worked! Don't be scared when you see pill bottle, it says "Do not take if pregg, or trying to get pregg". How wierd huh? I am praying this helps my lining since that was the only obsticle in the way of our IUI. My lining only measured in around 6.5 and should be 8-10 for good implantation.
Good luck and baby dust.



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