Please respond im desperate.
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Isabella - June 5

I was wondering if there are any girls out there who are around the age of 18-20. My bf and I have been trying to fall pregnant but no luck and I would really appreciate it if someone in the same condition wouldnt mind emailing me to talk to me about it. [email protected]


claire - June 5

hiya, i am a little older than you but have been trying for a while email me [email protected]


Chrissy - June 5

E-mail me or IM me at [email protected]


kim - June 6

im 17yrs old my email is [email protected] if you want talk


Jill - June 6

I am 21 and my husband is 22, and we've been ttc for 8 months. I have PCOS and am not ovulating. I tried Clomid last month, with no luck. You can e-mail me at [email protected].


Beautiful - June 19

These past two months have Been crazy. I had got my last regular period on April 4th. I had went the whole week of May without a period, which was very unusual, because I'm regular. took 4 pregnancy test, including one at planned parenthood, in the emergency room, and my gyn even tested and they were all negative!!!! I began spotting late May, and about 3 days ago my period finally came down HARD! The doctors couldn't find a reason to why I missed this period, but I sure was confussed. I REALLY want a little boy or girl and reading all of your stories make me feel so much better because there are people out there just like me scared and confussed. Lets keep trying, and keeping trusting in the MOST highest, out Lord and Savior, and we will all indeed be blessed with our little miracles. Lets brush our shoulders off and try for these March babies!!!!!! ~Lots of Baby Dust~ May God bless.


rach - June 20

yep im 18 and i have been trying for 1 year no luck though i have been doing everything i am ovulating today though so hopefully this maybe the 1



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