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Mrs. K - April 12

ok i have been trying to get pregnant for about five months now and now i think that i am. the thing is that im still seeing my period even tho irregular. my regular would be for about 4 days. monthly the dates arent regular and its usually about 1 day or sometimes 2 days. my tummy has grown. im ALWAYS tired. i can eat until im full and seconds later my tummy is growling. im constantly nasious and my back aches all the time. i cant even bare to inhale certain scents. i went to my doctor and took a HCG test and it came out neg. what do you think would be my problem please any responce is appriciated.


Amanda - April 12

Wait a week and take another HPT. My friends took 3 weeks to show up


erica - April 12

Where you on bc before?



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