Please read im so confused ... why cant i get pregnant
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Samantha - September 17

My question is i had a papsmear bout a year ago . They said everything was fine and blah blah blah .... But now me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant off and on since january and still no luck. Would the doctor have found out something from my papsmear like if i had a problem with getting pregnant or do they have different tests for that? Im sorry if its a stupid question i was just wondering if anyone knew .. thanks i could use some awnsers here! I feel like a failure .


eb - September 17

You are not a failure you and hubby need some more test done. A routine sperm test on him and a hormone test on you to start and then there are other test to see if your tubes are open ect, if the first come back okay. It happens to alot of people. I have been ttc for 14 months and have finally had the right test and a recent surgery so i hope to be pregnant in the next few months. Good luck:)


Samantha - September 17

to eb : Thanks for the reply its good to know im not alone even though it feels like it ....


Becca - September 17

There are several other tests you can have done. If you have not conceived after a year of trying then you may want to go to your ob/gyn or an RE and have those tests done. Remember that it does take the average couple a year to get pregnant. It also helps to track you ovulation by temps, cm and ovulation predicotr kits. If you want a chart you can print out for these things go to click on topics a-z and then go into preconception. They also have a calculator that will predict your most feritile days. I have been TTC for 4 years now and I found out back in December that I have PCOS and have not been ovulating because I started tracking those things, I have now been seeing an RE and my husband has had his sperm checked and I have had an HSG (checking for blockages, etc) and we are very hopeful for this month.


Nicole - September 17

I agree with the previous comments. I would like to recomend a book. It's very enlightening. Fertility Awareness Method(FAM) by Toni...) Barnes and Nobles carry's it for 24 dollars it has been my life resource!:) TTC 1.5 starting clomid next month! Hope this helps!


Samantha - September 18

thanks so much for all the advice u guys helped alot



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