please read about false positives
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UnLuckyLady1903 - May 3

my lmp was 4/4/06 and 10 days after i had finished my period i did a hpt and it was the 1 u dip in a cup and it turned out positive and 2 more after that the followin day only with first morning urine and they were faint. i didnt dip them in the cup though i peed directly onto them would this affect the result. ? the lines were pink and they werent evaps i havnt had my period yet but they are irregular and its been 4 weeks since the last 1 and i havnt tested since. am i pregnant or is it false ? i did another test after that but i dipped it and it was negative. havnt a clue when my period is due. i dont have any signs i just have a bad yeast infection. please some1 get bk to me



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