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++++++ - October 24

OK, according to an OPK, I would have ovulated Oct. 13th or 14th ( I got a positive OPK on the 12th and 13th). I have pretty long cycles usually somewhere around 38-41 days, sometimes longer. I was on Clomid last month, but didn't ovulate, This month we skipped it so I could get testing done (HSG, Transvaginal Ultrasound, Hubby to get SA- all came back ok). If I O'd on the 13th, it would make me 11 dpo today. My dr. wants me to come in on Wed. (2 days from today) for a blood test to see if I'm pregnant. I've taken 2 HPT's and both have been BFN, last one was today. If the blood test comes back negative, she wants to wait one more week and then give me a progesterone shot to make me get my AF, if it doesn't come on it's own by then.... She said they are waiting that week in between the blood test and the shot to make sure I am absolutely not pregnant... Once I get the shot and AF comes, I start Clomid again.. My question is... should I be concerned that 2 days from now isn't enough time to get a positive blood test FOR SURE????????? How sensitive are they?? What if it's a BFN and then I wait a week for the shot but maybe I really am pregnant(which I don't feel like I am, no symptoms yet)... I am just alittle nervous that maybe enough time didn't pass to get the hormone levels high enough... I read about all these people who take HPT or get a blood test done and they are all BFN, but they really are pregnant... Am I sounding crazy? What shouls I do? I assume the dr. knows what she's doing... But since my cycles are long and kind of messed up I never know when I'm late, so how can she say, 2 weeks time (from O) is enough time to make it show up as a BFP? Does this make sense?? Help me....


Anna - October 25

I had all negative HPTs and a blood test weeks after I got PG back in July. The blood test was done 19 dpo. I, also, have long irregular cycles and didn't know exactly when I was going to start my af. My previous md was going to start me on meds that most likely would have caused me to miscarry. I thought my md knew exactly what he was talking about, too. Turns out he was very wrong! In early pregnancy, your hCG level can still be very low and not show up on a blood test. It's more common than you think. Doctors say that the tests are very sensitive, but our bodies will do their own thing and let us know that were PG when the time is right. I would wait several weeks before getting that shot. If you are PG, you wouldn't want to do anything that would cause you to miscarry. And not everybody gets s/s. Especially in early pregnancy. I only had mild cramping and I thought it was my af starting. Good luck and I hope all goes well!


dd - October 25

first of all slow down and relax. Yes blood tests are far more accurate as they pull up even the tiniest bits of the hcg they need and pee on a sticks are not as sensitive. Waiting the extra week is just something your doc feels she should do in attempts to let your af start on its own as the least amount of intervention the better when ttc. It happens but very rarely that a true pregnancy will show a neg blood test and if you are still concerned have your doc due an ultrasound and make sure you are not pregnant. Worrying can actually cause af to be late and then you will get even more disappointed. I get tested 12 days after my iui with a bloodtest. if neg i stop my progesterone suppositories and af comes 2 days later. Since your cycle is messed up as you say she wants to see what your body can do on its own. Let the doc be a doc and keep on the chat boards for support if you need it. best of luck for a bfp


Anna - October 26

To dd-most pregnancies will show up with a blood test, BUT it is not rare for a blood test to be negative in early pregnancy. It is actually more common than you think. Before I found out I was pregnant, I suspected that I could be even though my blood tests came out negative. After doing research on it, I found MANY women who were getting negative blood tests in early pregnancy-within the first 3-6 weeks of pregnancy. Turns out I was one of them! And just because a person has MD written after their name, does not mean they are capable of being a person's physician. I am a nurse and have worked with many doctors who are just plain stupid and incompetent. After my experiences in the medical field, I have found that a person needs to look out for their own health and be well educated when it comes to their medical needs. If I had let my doc be a doc, I wouldn't be pregnant right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be smart or catty to you. As a health care provider, I've discovered to importance in urging people to be educated about their own health needs and be in tune with what their body is telling them. Doctors are human and make mistakes! And these forums are a great source for info. as well as support, since there is typically someone who has already been through what you may be going through.


me - October 26

When it comes down to it, it is your body. If I was in the situation and felt strongly as you do, I would bring your concerns to the drs attention and talk through your options. Tell him you are concerned and feel that you want to skip this month, shots and all, and see if AF comes on its own. They are just suggesting what they were taught, but in the end it is your body and you decide what you want to do. Normally, 2 weeks after ovulation is enough to be detected by blood test, however, there are exceptions. Do what you feel is best, but definietly talk to your dr about your concerns. Good luck!



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