Please Read!!! Does this sound ectopic to you or a cyst???
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mrose - February 3

hello everyone.....I have taken 4 HPTs and all are negative. My DH and I have been ttc for awhile now. If I charted correctly I would have ovulated on Jan. 4th 2006, however, my cycle is not normal and am not sure when I was suspose to get my period. I do know that it has been 64 days since my last period. Over the past week I have had Very Very Very light spotting every now and then off and on but only when I wipe. Over the past few days I have had very bad pains in my ride side, sometimes a cramping and sometimes a pinching feeling. At times it is so bad that my leg hurts, and the other day my arm and shoulder were hurting so bad that I had to just sit there and hold my right arm with my left hand for awhile until the pain eased off. I've been reading on here about ectopic pregnancies and I guess it has me worried. Does this sound like one to any of you? Is it possible to have one but still get negative pregnancy test? I have a gyno appt next friday for my yearly exam, am trying to get in earlier but they do not have any openings. Any advice would be great, thanks!


Mega - February 3

Hi Mrose, yes, I'd say either of those is a distinct possiblity. I hope you can get in earlier than next Friday. Maybe if you explained you're in a lot of pain & very worried. I've never had an ectopic pregnancy but I have read you can have a neg. pregnancy test, but for the most part you tend to have a pos. HPT. Although with the spotting I still wouldn't rule out ectopic. But it sounds kind of like a cyst to me. If it ruptures, from what I hear the pain can be terrible. Either way, next time you have that bad of pain, I'd consider going to urgent care or even the ER. Don't wait. Get help now, please! I hope you feel better soon. Post back when you find out which one it is.


sandra - February 3

hi mrose. Yes it does sound like an ectopic pregnancy. I have had one and like you my period was late (it was never that regular) but i missed two or three periods and had some spotting and cramping. I kept thinking that my period was coming because of the pain. Eventually the pain in my right side got so bad. Pregnancy tests were negative. I didnt see a doctor until one night I collapsed and was rushed to hospital. They did a test and it was still negative. They did an ultrasound and discovered that it was ectopic and they were going to operate. I was around 10 weeks pregnant and the tube had ruptured. I was haemorraging very badly and nearly died. The doctors had to remove the ruptured tube. They told me I was very very lucky to be alive. So whilst I dont want to worry or frighten you I would URGE you to go to emergency doctor because if I had dealt with it sooner I might not have had the problems I had. I didnt have any pain in the arms though - but please get it checked soon. Hope this helps! Good luck!
Oh and I have had two children since the removed tube so you only need one.


mrose - February 4

just wanted to let you guys know that I went to the dr today. Come to find out I just have a really bad bladder infection. No idea they could hurt so bad. She gave me antibiotics for that, provera to jump start my period, and metoformin b/c apparantly I am insulin resistant, and she is almost 100% that I have PCOS...what a fun day....but thank you guys for your help :-) baby dust to us all!



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