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LeAnne - November 17

Hey there Ladies, I have been TTC for 9 mths now and doc said my DH has LAZY sperm and a low count. He said there are vitamins that I can take and my DH and said there is alot of support on the site, Does anyone know of any of there vitamins we can take to help out . I have had 3 children and I am married to a great guy who has no children and would love one of his own and so would I. Any help would help thanks for the support : )


.. - November 17

have you husband take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C daily. That should give the swimmers a boost.


AnnaR. - November 17

Hey LeAnne,
I heard vitamin C is good i put my hubby on 1000mg. He does not have a problem but i heard it will boost anyway and right now after ttc#2 for 3 yrs we are trying just about anything... Good luck ttc#4. Baby dreams....


dh & i in the same boat - November 17

Vitamin E is supposed to help his swimmers move their butts a little faster. :o) and it's supposed to help women too. my dh and i both started taking vitamins C & E. Good luck! ***baby dust to all of us***


Av - November 17

Add zinc supplement as well. helps in motility. Mine had the same problem as yours he too 1000 mg of vit c and zinc supplement added. i yr later we had twins.


LeAnne - November 17

Does anyone know how much Zinc or E to take I see 1000 of C but not the other ? Thanks for everyones help


dh & i in same boat... - November 17

i just went to the grocery store and bought some vitamin E gel tabs (b/c they digest faster and easier)...i think they're like 500 or something...i didn't want to overload my system. Vitamin C you cant overload on-your body just takes what it needs and disposes the rest. i dont know about zinc though...if you're unsure, just tell a pharmacist your situation and ask him/her how much is safe to take. good luck!


L - November 17

Hey you guys, take it easy with the Vitamin C. You want to be very careful in the second half of your cycle. Make sure (if you are working with a RE) that your RE knows, if you aren't you may want to research it further. My IVF guy said that large doses of C (for the female) are not good post ovulation.


L - November 17

Quote "High doses of vitamin and mineral supplements can also harm a fetus. If you are taking megadoses of supplements, tell your doctor about them so he or she can determine whether you need to stop them before attempting to conceive." 1000 mg of c is a megadose.



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